Why Network Marketing Is Often Misunderstood?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about why network marketing is sometimes misunderstood. And to understand that you need to understand what type of business network marketing is.

And network marketing is one of the businesses that is called disruptive business. So let me give you a couple of other businesses that are disruptive businesses, for example, Airbnb. Airbnb is destructive business. So when Airbnb started, people were like, “That's just a crazy idea.” That somebody has a spare room in their house, and they turn it into a hotel, somebody can come and sleep there and pay the money for it. And nobody even thought that this would take off or be any success and look what happened. It's disrupted, the hotel industry, hotels got affected by it, because less people are now going to hotels, because a lot of people using Airbnb because it's cheaper, more convenient.

But very often at the beginning, when a disruptive business starts, people don't take it seriously. Most people go, “Well, that's not how people do it. People go and stay at hotels, nobody will do that.” Until a lot of people go and do that. Another disruptive business that is a good example is Uber. When Uber started, everybody were like, “Yeah, whatever, it's just like private people driving cars, that would never take off. Everybody uses taxis, that's normal thing to do, is when you go somewhere, you book a taxi.” Well look at it now. A lot of taxi companies going bankrupt, because Uber literally kill them because it's cheaper, is more convenient, is more effective, it helps other people out.

Think about things like Netflix, it was a disruptive business, because when Netflix started, some of you actually still remember Netflix actually sending DVDs to people's homes before it went completely online, but again, people said, “Oh, nobody would go for Netflix, because everybody wants to just go to blockbusters and choose a movie, buy some popcorn, etcetera.” No, people want ease and convenience and good price and whereas blockbusters now? It’s gone, it's busted, it's closed because Netflix wiped it away. So these are the businesses that are disruptive businesses. And when disruptive businesses appear at the beginning, everybody says, “Oh, it's nonsense, it's never going to work out. It's Bs.” Then people start going, “Actually, it's convenient, it's better price, it's better quality. Actually, it's not bad.” And then next stage is those disruptive businesses wipe out the old dinosaur businesses.

Well, network marketing is very similar to that. Because what network marketing does, it makes it easier for people, you don't have to go to the shop, you don't have to look for a million of recommendations, you actually get somebody who you know, who recommends your product that they've tried and tested and they can give you, they can vouch this a great quality product, very often, the quality that you get is much less in price range that you would normally pay somewhere else. So it's just and it gets delivered to your home. So it's just really convenient, very cost effective and very, very high quality.

But guess what, like whatever bring people first will go all now that's never going to work. Everybody has to buy that from shop, nobody's going to until a lot of people say, “Well, you know what actually, this makes sense. You know what; actually, this way of making money actually makes sense.” And more and more people started using it and doing it until it actually becomes a very big competitive for a lot of supermarkets for a lot of other ways of making money. You know, so don't be scared.

If something that you do, for example, network marketing, is misunderstood at first, because it takes time for people to warm up to different ideas. Like most people that you know, their grandparents had jobs, worked all of their life then retired, then their parents had jobs worked all of their lives, they're retired. So they expect their mindset is what I need to get a job, work all my life and retire.

So when you role in, would you want network marketing, home based business opportunity, and you literally disrupt that person's understanding of the world by saying, “Hey, you don't need to work for somebody else for the rest of your life, you could start your own business and in three to five years from now, you could be retired, and work from your home and never have to go to work again in your life.” It disrupts that person's understanding of the world, understanding how money is made, and it shocks them at first and some people accept it easy as some people don't accept it so easily, because for them, it's just it doesn't make sense.

My parents worked all of their life for somebody else and then retired, my grandparents did that and my great grandpa was it. So how can I now not have to work for the next 40 years? You know, it disrupts their pattern. But don't worry about that. Because the more people start doing it, the more accepted it becomes, the more wide it becomes a more people starts saying, “You know what, actually, it makes sense because my neighbor works from home, so and so retired working from home now, this person I know, retired from the job working for home, actually, this thing works.” So network marketing is a disruptive industry and they are disrupting the way other businesses work and that's why it will be misunderstood to begin with, but more and more people are accepting it and understanding it because they got educated on it.

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