Why Do Home Meetings?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

This topic is about, why do home meetings?

Because sometimes let’s face it, home meetings might not be super fun, they might not be super effective. Sometimes you drive miles and miles and you have a no show, when a no show happens or no show is when you come there and it's only your distributor, right? And guess what you might get discouraged, you might start thinking, “Oh my Gosh, is it worth doing them? Is it worth my time driving miles to the meeting, doing these meetings, and there's not that many people turning up.

However, what you need to understand that you're not doing that meeting just for that meeting, you’re doing that meeting to show example and because of that one meeting, thousands of meetings can happen. So you might go to somebody's home, and you might do a home meeting and there may only be three people there. What if those three people get fired up, decide to join your business, and they start doing their own home meetings and then their people start doing their own home meetings and before you know it, because of the one meeting you've done, another thousand meetings happened and how would your business grow because of that.

So never judge the day by the results of that day. Sometimes you'll go and do a home meeting and yeah, maybe somebody will join, maybe nobody even going to join, maybe somebody will buy some products, maybe nobody's going to buy products. But what you’re doing with that meeting is you’re showing an example. So even if it's just one of your team members, and maybe one guest shows up, you’re showing an example to your team member, you’re showing them how it's done and you never know where that can go, you never know where that can lead.

You’re never doing a meeting just for that meeting, you’re doing that meeting. So another thousand meetings could happen. You're doing that presentation, so another thousand presentation could happens, you’re doing that training so that another thousand trainings could happen down your line within your team, you understand what I'm saying. So never discount the power of those meetings, never get discouraged that some meetings you go and there are loads of people, some meetings you go, there's not that many people, it doesn't really matter. All you have to do is just keep doing them and you will see the results very soon, you'll see the results start duplicating within your team.

That's my message for you guys, home meetings are very powerful too because it's duplicable. If you hire a hotel room and you pay a lot of money and it's all very fancy. That's all fine. But people who attend that hotel meeting my think, “Oh my Gosh, if I do this business will I have to hire hotel rooms and pay a lot of money for them?” But if you do a home meeting, guess what, everybody's got a home, everybody can invite a couple of friends to their home, so it's duplicable, it can be duplicated within your team and other team members can also duplicate that.

It's really powerful and it definitely works. I know we are in the technology age, and everybody's using zoom, and everybody's using Facebook, and everybody's using Instagram, but home meetings are not dead by any means. Home meetings are where relationships are built, home meetings are where you get to see people, shake their hand, and get them to try the products. I can do a zoom, but you're not going to smell my product, you're not going to taste my product, you're not going to touch my product on a zoom.

But if I do a home meeting, you get to do all of those things and when I'm speaking that's just logic, but when you get to smell, taste and touch things, that's emotion. So never underestimate the power of the home meetings and do use them. If you don't know how to run a home meeting, ask your sponsor, ask your up line leader there'll be more than happy to show you how to run a whole meeting. But they're super powerful.

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