Why DISCOUNT or SALE doesn’t work?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about sales or discounts.

So all too often I see on social media people saying, “Hey 50% off buy now!” Or, “We have this, buy one get one free or whatever.”  And they’re announcing a sale or they’re announcing a discount hoping to get new customers. But the challenge is that, if you don't want something, how cheap does it have to be for you to buy it? Like, if you don't like broccoli how cheap does the broccoli has to be for you to buy it? Like if you hate it, if you hate Brussels sprouts, what deal can somebody make for you to buy Brussels sprouts? You just going to go like, “I don't want it.” Like it doesn't matter that its buy one get one free, doesn't matter that it's 99% off, if I don't want it, what the hell the difference the discount makes? It doesn't make any difference.

Well, the same thing applies to your network marketing products or to your network marketing business. Most people on your social media, they require more information. They're not ready to buy it. So when you come across on social media and you go, “Hey, 50% off buy now!” They don't know enough about that product to buy it anyway. Whether it's with a discount or without a discount, or you come on and go, “Hey, join my business, there's a discount today.” Again, they don't know enough about your business in order to make that decision whether there is a discount or not.

My mentor Ray Higdon talks about a buy cycle. So about 2% or 3% of your audience are ready to buy, like it doesn't matter what you're going to offer them, they're ready to buy right? Another 5% would not buy anyway, like it doesn't matter what you would sell, they wouldn't buy. But majority of people like 93% of people, they need more information. They don't know they need your product. They don't know they need your business. So if you come across straight away and you try to skip steps and go, “Hey there's a sale buy now, there's a sale join my business now.” They don't know enough yet, in order to buy, they don't know they need your product.

That's why what you should start with is why they need your product, is why they need your business and only then give them the offer, only then give them the sale, only then give them the discount, because if somebody doesn't know they need what you got to offer, it doesn't matter how huge the discount you apply, it doesn't matter how many buy one get five free, it doesn't matter. Because if I don't need it, if I don't know that I need it that I ain’t buying doesn't matter what discount it is.

If I'm an existing customer, and if I always buy from you, and I see wow, my favourite product is 90% off. Yeah, awesome, I'll grab it. But if you’re trying to hit your cold market, people who never bought from you, if you're trying to hit them with there's a discount buy from me, like they don't know what it is anyway. So what's the point to apply discount. It's an interesting way of thinking about it because it took me a while to understand this before I didn't get it, I used to do the same thing, I would go, oh, there's a deal!

But if they don't know if they want it, if they don't know that they need it, the discount makes no difference. The discount makes the difference to your existing customers, to people who bought from you before for them is like, hey, that's a great product, I used it before. Now it's with a discount, I'm grabbing it. But for most other people, if you’re just showing it to cold market who never bought from you, for most of them, it means nothing.

First of all, you need to show them why they need it. First of all, you need to show them how it's going to benefit them. First of all, you have to show them how it's going to impact them, how it's going to solve their problem, and then you can tell them about the price and the discounts and the deals. Make sense, guys? I hope it does.

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