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Today I wanted to talk about why as a network marketing leader you should bring people to events. And I'm talking about mainly the destination events where you have to travel to. So maybe like a national conference or a convention or maybe an international event. Why would you bring your people to those events? Well, first of all, of course, those events are life changing. I don't know how many times I spoke to somebody who's a leader now in the business and I asked them “Well, what was the defining moment, what was the point where everything has changed?” 

And very often people will say, “Well, when I went to the big event, when I went to the National Conference, when I went to the convention, when I flown to the international event,.” So those destination events are very influential because people see other people who have succeeded in a business, they learn a lot, they get motivated, they get inspired. So it's really, really vital for that reason, obviously, to bring your people to those events. But I've got something very, very clear for you that might help you to make a decision to bring your people to those events. Each person that you bring to the national conference or to the International Convention will equal to about £1000 of earnings per year for you.

So if you want to make £50,000 a year in network marketing, then you should aim at bringing at least 50 people to the national conference or to the International Convention. If you would like to earn £100,000 a year, then you should aim to bring about 100 people to your international event or to your national convention. If you would like to earn a million you need about 1000 people. Now, does that mean that every single person you bring to those events will make you £1000, of course not, some of them will not make you anything, but another person might make you £5000 or £10,000. So that's what leaders have observed in business. People who are authority in network marketing like Eric Wore and Ray Higdon all confirm this, that roughly each one person that you bring to those destination events will equal to about $1,000 or pounds earning a year.

So if you want to earn more in your business, you should aim at bringing more people into the events. So if you had five people at the international event, or at the National Conference, you could expect to earn about £5000. If you have 50, you could expect to earn £50,000. So aim to bring as many people as possible to those big events. You have to become a promoter, not just announcer, most people in network marketing they are announcers. So they'll just go, “Hey, guys, there's a conference happening in three months. If anybody wants to come, please come.” Don't do that. That's just an announcer. Become a promoter. You should share: “This is why you should go there. This is what you're going to learn. This is how we're going to travel, we're going to share cars, we're going to share hotel rooms, we're going to do whatever it takes to get you there.” And if you’re speaking to your team member over phone or face to face and they go, “Oh, I can't make it this year, I can’t make it.” Ask a very simple question. “What can we do to make it happen?”

What can we do to get you to that event? “Well, I could get a babysitter maybe.” Just ask that question. What could we do to get you there? What could we do to make you go to that event? Because that can change not only your life as a leader, you making more money, but that person's life's too because if they don't see the big picture, if they don't see the big vision, they might not even realise what they've got their hands. I remember I heard the story and I thought it was so, so true and my friend was telling me the story where he comes out of the bathroom, he comes out of the shower, and he sees his three year old kid holding his Rolex watch, which is like £30,000 banging that watch against the kitchen floor and, of course, for him he’s like, “Ah! What are you doing?” But for the kid, the kid doesn't understand that what he's holding is worth £30,000. He doesn't understand that it's very precious. For him, it’s just a toy and he's banging it against the floor. 

Why do I share that with you? A lot of people have a network in network marketing business, but they don't understand what they have. They are like that kid with the Rolex watch just banging your head against the floor. So a lot of people that you will bring into network marketing, a lot of people that you will bring into home based business, they won’t even understand what they have. They don't even understand that I could use this to make a million pounds a year, I could use this to completely transform my life. I could use this to go build churches and schools and save people from starvation in Africa, whatever. Like, this is an incredible opportunity, but most people don't see the big picture. All they see, you got them into the business and whatever product you have, they'll just go, “Oh, yes. So I can take this product and I can sell it and I can make five pounds profit. Oh, wow.” Like, they don't get the big picture. That's why you want to bring them to the National Conference. That's why you want to bring them to the International Convention so that they see where this could go, they can see the big picture, and then they go, “Wow, I didn't realise that this business could take me to those places.” Like we came back from Las Vegas and that wasn't our company convention, that was Go-Pro, that was like, where people come from different companies to one place to learn and for me, just seeing the speakers going on a stage who are people who are in network marketing, same industry that I am and making hundred thousand dollars a month, $200,000 a month, $300,000 a month, there was a guy who made over $3 million last year, 100% from network marketing and that opened my mind, that made me to think bigger and adjust my goals, because I was thinking too small, because I didn't see the big picture. Does that make sense to you?

So focus on becoming a great promoter, where you bring your people to those events, put them in front of other people, because it's also social proof. If you recruit somebody into the business for all they know, you are the only crazy person who does this business, but if you bring that person into a room with 1000 people who also do this business, then they'll go, you know what, it's not only her that is nuts doing this business, all of these people are doing it, it must be something serious, it must be something worthwhile doing, you know what I mean? So it gives that social proof. So become a great promoter of the events, don't just announce them, keep talking about them, keep talking about them. I'm bringing 10 of my team members to Go-Pro in Las Vegas in December 2019. That's months from now and guess what, for the last few months, I haven't shut up about it. You can ask my team, I've been going on and on and guess what, I’m going to be doing it for the next 12 months so that everybody knows this is happening, everybody knows we are going, everybody knows. 

Like I'm sure I'll take more than 10 because I’ll promote it that hard, because I'll big it up so big, because I'll make sure that people see what value they'll get. This is what you're going to learn there, these are the people you're going to see there, this is how it's going to affect your life, this is what problems they're going to solve for you. So the more value you build into that event, the bigger the chance that that person will go, you know what, here's my money, I'm going, here's my commitment, I'm going, I need to be there. I cannot miss the next one. So you need to make sure that you become a promoter, not just announcer.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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