Who you take advice from?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 Under: Personal Development

The topic of this blog post is who you take advice from?

Now, it's a very important distinction, and you have to really understand it if you want to become successful in life, and you want to get good results in life because a lot of people take advice from the wrong people. So let's say you wanted to lose weight, you wouldn't take advice from somebody who weighs 200 kilos about weight loss, would you? If you wanted to get in shape, you'd probably ask advice from somebody who's fit, who’s maybe a personal trainer, and so on, but when it comes to business, I very often see people take advice from the wrong people. And there's really two sources of bad advice if you like.

The first group of people is people who have not got any experience in business or in entrepreneurship. So I see a lot of people who are getting started in home based business, take advice from people who never done business in their life, who never run a business or sold anything, or been any kind of entrepreneur, and then they're surprised why they're not getting good results.

Well, how could you get good results, if you're taking advice from somebody who never had a business, and I've seen it so many times where somebody maybe attends a business presentation maybe gets exposed to a business opportunity and then they go home, and they listen to advice of their relatives, of the
neighbors, of their work colleagues, who never done business in their life and then they make a decision not to pursue the business, not to pursue the dream, not to become an entrepreneur because somebody who isn't an entrepreneur, who never had a business in their life gave them advice not to go for it. It just sounds crazy.

And the second group of people, it's a bit trickier, it's a bit more difficult to find out because these are the people that again, I see people who are new in business, who are getting started with interpret ownership and they listen to the advice of people who pretend to be the gurus, who pretend to be the experts, but who actually have never achieved any success in business. So when it comes to you learning from somebody, to you studying somebody, to you copying somebody, you have to go to somebody who is a documentary leader, who is a documented mentor. Now, what do I mean by saying documented?

What I mean by saying documented is somebody who has proven to be successful, who has proven to achieve results, who has proven to make money in business, who has proven to help other people to make money in business, because there's so many overnight experts nowadays, people writing their own books and releasing their own blogs and websites and coaching programs, who have never actually achieved success, who have never actually gotten results. And if you listen to somebody who hasn't achieved results, then it's like a blind leading the death, you know what I mean? It's like, neither of you know what the hell you're doing and you're just trying to wing it.

When you’re choosing a mentor, when you’re choosing somebody to learn from, look for somebody who has proven who has documented success, who you know, for sure has made the money, because there's so many people who claim about income who have these income claims and when it comes to saying, “Okay, so Show Me The Money, Show me the money you made,” they will start being slippery and avoiding it, etcetera you know what I mean? So it has to be proven, it has to be somebody who you can trust that received and gotten the results.


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