Who will you RECRUITING script is NOT going to work on?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about who is your recruiting scripts not going to work on?

We all learn different scripts; we all learn different techniques, how to approach people, what messages to send on social media etcetera. But this one group of people that most of your scripts will not work on. Do you want to guess who these people are? I'm going to tell you. These people are people from other network marketing companies. 99% of the time, when you're going to get a negative feedback after using a script on somebody will be from a person who's already in network marketing. If you send a message, like the scripted messages that we have to a person who doesn't do network marketing, who's not in a home based business, if you'll send that message to them, they'll never respond in a weird way, they are never going to respond in a negative way. They'll just answer.

But when you try to prospect other network marketer that’s when they will say, “Ah, I know this script. You should have built a rapport first, you should you should have asked how my kids I have first. How dare you offer me your business opportunity right away?” The criticism you'll receive is when you're trying to recruit people from other network marketing companies. Why? Because they were taught the same scripts, they are doing exactly the same thing. And then you're just fighting against each other, “Oh, my company is better than yours. Oh, no, my product is better than yours.”

It's just pointless exercise. There is like a billion people that are not in network marketing. Why not speak to that billion people? “No! I need to speak to other people who are already in network marketing. Can you give me a script to recruit them?” No, there isn't a script that will recruit another network marketer, because they're also doing the same scripts, they'll see through whatever you do right away.

99% of the time when your script is not going to work is when that person is already in network marketing. Why, because you shouldn't be recruiting them and because you shouldn't be prospecting them. You should be prospecting people who are not in network marketing. If somebody is in network marketing already, they’re already being taken care of. Think about it; your mission, your task is to help people who are struggling, is to help people who are not making enough money in their jobs, and is to help people with your product except right.

If you come across another network marketer, somebody is already helping them; they’re already being shown a way to make extra income. Why would you try to take them? They’re already being helped. Leave them alone. Look for other people who need help. Look for other people who haven't been given an opportunity to work from home, look for other people who haven't been given an opportunity to make extra income. These are the people you can serve. These are the people you can help with and your script will work on them. If a person has no network marketing, if a person is not in a home business, if a person is not in direct sales, they will never respond finely to your messages, because for them, it's just a message they don't even understand that it's a script, they don't even understand that it's a message that you use to recruit somebody. Think about it; if you think about it, you'll really get it.

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