Who believes in you?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, September 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about the belief in you. So who believes in you?

I want to talk about the belief and the fact that sometimes we don't know our own potential. You see somebody I was listening to this audiobook and it was interesting the way they said it. They said you can't see your own eyes without a mirror. You can look through your eyes, but you can't see your own eyes; only other people can see your eyes.

Well, something similar sometimes is happening with the value, with your worth. However you are and very often, we don't see our own worth, but somebody else can really see our worth, somebody else can really see our potential. I know I was that person. When I first started in home based business in network marketing, I never thought I would be a speaker. I never thought I would be a trainer. I never thought I could have a team of thousands of people. I never thought I could be making money in my sleep. I could be traveling the world and doing all of that stuff. I never thought that could happen to me. I thought that’s maybe for other people, but definitely not to me.

But I had people around me, who believed in me, who said you can do it? I believe in you. I think you could do this. I think you could be great etc. When you're getting started in a business or in a venture, people always say, believe in yourself. Just believe in yourself. Just you have to believe in yourself. But that's not where it starts very often. For most people, unfortunately, they don't believe in themselves. They don't believe that they can become successful. They don't believe that they can achieve tremendous results. They just don't believe it and saying to that person, just believe in yourself doesn't really help, doesn't really help because it works actually other way around. Saying to somebody believe in yourself, doesn't work because it usually starts the other way around.

Step number one is somebody else believes in you. For many people, including myself, I first needed somebody else to believe in me before I started believing in myself. So step number one is somebody else believes in you. Step number two, you believe someone. So they believe in you and now you start believing them because they start saying to you, hey, you can do this thing. Hey, you can achieve it. You can get tremendous results. I believe in you. I think you could be a leader. I think you could be a speaker. And you start thinking, maybe I can, maybe this can happen to me. Maybe I could do this thing. Maybe I could become successful too.

So first, somebody believes in you. Second, you believe in them and only then the third; you start believing in yourself. Because I say you know what? I'm not so bad. You know what? I can do this thing. I can crush this thing. Now. If I say, “Huh, Gediminas, love it.” Now you gave me an excuse because now I don't have to do anything because I don't have anybody who believes in me. Stop it. Stop it.

This cannot become your excuse that, “Oh, that's why I'm not successful. I don't have anybody who believes in me.” No. You need to find somebody who will believe in you. And we are in a uniquely amazing industry. In network marketing you cannot be in this business without somebody believing in you. Because your sponsor, your mentor, your upline leadership will all believe in you, will all trust in you, will all invest their time in you to help you become successful in the business. So you have plenty of people who believe in you. Just you need to stop believing in them. You need to start accepting that belief, you need to start accepting those compliments because some of you are really hard. Like, we give you a compliment and go, “Oh, no, I'm no great. I'm not great.”

No, you're amazing. I'm not amazing. Like you're rejecting these compliments, you’re rejecting this belief from other people. Stop it. Just take it on board. Just trust. If somebody says to you, “Hey, I think you could be amazing. I think you could be an incredible leader. I think you could rule this territory with this business.” Just accept it. It's a compliment. Take it right. What's the worst that can happen? You'll become successful. Ah, what a shame. You became successful and made a lot of money. Wow. Let it happen. Let it happen.

Take that belief, accept it. You have people around you, rooting for you. You have people around you supporting you, wanting you just succeed. Do it. Accept it. Stop stopping yourself. Stop looking for barriers! Stop putting yourself down and saying, “Oh, no, no, no, no, no, I couldn't do it. No, no, no, I couldn’t do it.” Just go for it. Just say yes. See what happens. If it doesn't work out, try something else. If it doesn't work out, try something else.

If it doesn't work, try something else. How many times will you try something else? Until it works out until you get result, that's all. That's my wish for you, my friend. I believe in you. If nobody else believes in you, I believe in you. You have greatness inside of you. You have your DNA inside of you has the biggest leaders in the world, the Kings, the conquers, the Gandhi's of this world, the most successful people. It's all in your DNA. It's all in the past generations. You have the greatest inside of you. Go show it to the rest of the world. I believe in you.

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