Where is the UNDERPRICED attention

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about using the underpriced attention.

Now, as most of you probably have heard, I love following Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a social media guru and he always says that before you're in the business of selling your product or service, before you're in the business of offering somebody your business opportunity, first of all, you're in the attention business, right?

Because everybody is on their devices, everybody is on their phones, on their computers, on their laptops. We are first of all have to fight for that person's attention because people's attention span has shrunk to like so much over the last 50 years or so. First of all, before we can sell or do anything to somebody, or for somebody, we first of all have to get their attention, we have to catch the person's attention and once you caught that attention then you can offer your product your service, your business opportunity or whatever it is that you have to offer.

So then when we start talking about new social Medias coming in and we always laugh at them. I remember when Facebook appeared, and everybody was saying, “Oh, I'm not going to use Facebook or it's stupid, it's for kids.” Hey, everybody's on it right now. I remember when Instagram came out, and again people said never, never and never. And loads of people are now on Instagram right? Then I remember the Snapchat coming out and again, everybody's laughing and now of course we have TikTok and again, right now; yes, it's mainly kids’ mainly twerking, mainly doing all sorts of crazy stuff, right? But guess what, what people do who get marketing. What people do who get this attention business, they get on the new platforms very, very early. Why? Because the attention on those platforms is much cheaper.

Think about if you wanted to do Facebook advertising now, it would be quiet. It is expensive, right? I mean, I use Facebook advertising all the time but it's fairly expensive, right? But when you go on a new platform, very often you can get attention much cheaper or sometimes even free organically because it's not that much people on it. Well, you have to understand that marketers ruin everything. First of all, it was direct mail.

First, every time we used to get a letter, we would open it and read it then marketers realized, “Hey, why don't we just send advertising to people in their home?” And they started sending direct mail advertising, and we stopped reading letters. Now we sort our mail over the rubbish bin right with our commercial, commercial, commercial, and we just throw stuff way, right? We don't open even those letters, right? Because we know it's an advertisement and we don't care about it. And companies still spend good money on that.

Next, it was email. Remember, when you used to open every single email that came to your inbox? Now, I bet you get you got thousands of unread emails in your inbox. Why? Because marketers have killed email. At the beginning, somebody would advertise something over email, and you would go, “Oh, my God, let me read that. Like it's so interesting.” Now we stopped doing it. And same thing happens with every new technology.

And the same thing happens with social media, something like Facebook comes out. And at the beginning, organic reach is incredible. Whatever you put out there, thousands of people see and the first people in the game usually get the biggest reward, but over time, it gradually starts declining because more and more people are on it, less and less attention you are receiving and therefore you start getting less results. But that's where the advantage comes in. of joining a new social media.

So whenever you see new social media jump on it, try to make it work for you because you never know, that might be the social media that's going to make you the millions. Right now, a lot of people go, “Well, what if it doesn't last because hey, some social Medias appear and then they're gone few months later.” Who cares? At least for that period of time that it was active, you might get a lot of sales, you might get a lot of recruits, you know what I mean?

So, invest a bit of time and effort when you see a new social media appear, because I can guarantee you, you will get a lot cheaper attention there. A lot bigger organic reach to begin with, until millions of people join it and again, it's then overcrowded and killed.

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