Where FOCUS goes ENERGY flows

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, February 13, 2020 Under: Personal Development

This topic is about where focus goes, energy flows.

So, a great example is a magnifying glass. If you took magnifying glass and kept moving it around, nothing would really happen. Like literally nothing would happen, but if you took the magnifying glass and you focus the sun rays and you held it still, for some time, it start burning a hole in wherever it's focused on. That's the power of focus. So if you keep moving magnifying glass, nothing would happen, but if you focus it, it starts burning a hole in the wood or whatever you holding it onto.

The same thing actually applies with your ideas and with your consciousness, because so many people are jumping from one idea to another, from one thing to the next thing and from one person to the next person, and they're just not focused. And if your mind like that magnifying glass is not focused, is jumping from one place to another, it will be hard to get any result, it will be hard to get any sign that it's working, that you achieving anything, but when you focus your mind, like that magnifying glass on one thing and you keep holding that focus, very quickly, you start seeing results in that area of your life, very quickly, you start seeing changes happening in that area of life that you focused all of your attention.

So, very often when you see successful people in music, in acting, in sports, in politics, in religion, they are very focused on whatever they are doing. They almost become obsessed by that one thing, they are all consumed by that one thing, and that's why they become so great at it.

Well, your business is no different from that. Again you can be distracted. So you can watch a movie then and go hang out with the guys, have a few beers and then do some business and then do some other things again and you can be all over the place and have a little bit success in everything you do in life or you can focus for some time on one thing, and really give it all your energy as much as of your energy as you can. Of course you still have your family, you still have your job, you serve other things.

But if you focus that attention, where you start reading about how to get better in your business, you start watching videos on YouTube, about how to get better in your business. You start listening to podcasts and audio books about how to get better in your business. You start attending training events, and conferences and conventions, they teach you how to become better at your business.

You start hanging out with other people who are on the same mission as you, very quickly that focuses your mind on that one thing because you're bombarding your mind and with the same ideas every single day, it starts penetrating in, your mind starts focusing on that one thing, because it says that everything is focused on that one thing. And very quickly, your skill level starts going up very quickly, your results are going up very quickly, you become better at sales, you become better at recruiting, you become better at leading people and so on because you're focused.

Because if you try to go casual, if you try to just put in mediocre effort, then you'll have mediocre results and that's just maps. That's how it works, right? But if you put in above average effort, then you can get above average results. You know what I mean? So it's all give and take, it's all tit for tat, it's all connected, it's all balanced out. So if you really focus on your business, if you really focus on your mission, then the results become a lot more focused too, then you start getting more people reaching out to you, more people messaging you on social media.

Like I've noticed that so many times in my life because even in my journey in the 10 years that I've been with my business, you know, some seasons were very focused where I'm really on it and some seasons I got distracted you know, I got a bit you know, my foot off the gas, I got you know, distracted with life and renovating house and you know, different things, and I noticed the difference. You know when I'm really focused everything just starts falling into place. I started having calls from people who I haven't spoken to in years. I start having messages on my social medias, I start having people reaching out to me off my videos in YouTube and things that because it's just that focus, it just really brings everything to place.

Okay, so that's my tip for you guys. If you want to get better results, try to get more focused on that one thing like that magnifying glass with the sun rays beaming into one spot and it starts burning it. So see where your mind is even more powerful than that magnifying glass. If you focus it on one thing, it’ll start burning through, you'll start breaking for any obstacles, any challenges.

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