When to ask for HELP?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about when to ask for help, because it's such an important skill and sometimes we don't actually use it enough. The title of this blog is when to ask for help.

Now, it sounds like a stupid question. We all know when to ask for help, when things are not going the way we want. And that's true. We need to learn to ask for help. 
So many times I find in business, people who are not succeeding, people who are not getting results, and they're not asking for help. They're not asking for help. One of my mentors used to say, “Look, if you were drowning in water, would you drown quietly? Would you just go, let me drown, I don't want to bother anybody.” Would you do that? No, you would scream for help because you're drowning. So you scream for help for somebody to come and help you.

Well, the same way in your business, if you're not getting results, if you're not making the money, if you're not progressing the way you would want to progress, that means you're drowning, ask for help. Don't say, “Oh, I don't want to inconvenience people. I don't want to interrupt. I don't want to be a pain in the butt.” No, that's your job. You need to ask for help. So that's number one. When you're not getting results, you need to ask for help.

However, unsuccessful people only ask for help when they're struggling, when there's something wrong, when there's something bad. That's the only time where they asked for help. But you know what successful people do, they ask for help when things are going well. That’s strange, asking for help when things are going well, yes, that's how you up level, that's how you go to the next level, that's how you start making even more money and get even better results when you ask for help, when things are going well. It amazes me when I hear people say, “Oh, I'm making good money, I don't need to go to the seminar.” You don't get it. If you're making good money and you went to the seminar, you'd make even better money.

The whole system is made for only helping people when this struggling like, when would you go to a doctor? When you’re feeling fine or when you’re feeling ill? Most people go to the doctor when they’re feeling ill, right. So the whole health system is focused at helping people who already feeling bad, wouldn't it be wise when you're feeling well, when you're feeling good, that's the time to go to the doctor and say, “I want to feel exceptional. I want to feel awesome. I want to feel great.” Wouldn't it be better time to go to the doctor when you feeling great and ask them to make you feel even better?

Instead of waiting until you feel crap, only then saying. “Oh I need to go to the doctor because I have a pain.” So the whole system is done in the opposite way where people only ask for help when it's bad, when they're struggling, when there's something wrong. Instead, what successful people do, what the millionaires and the billionaires of this wall do, they ask for help when things are going well. When they’re do well, they say, “How can I do better?” “When I feel well, “How can I feel even better?” When I feel strong, “How can I feel even stronger?” And they hire coaches and attend seminars and read books on how to improve, not when it's wrong, when they’re feeling well.

That's the same thing I suggest you to do in your business. If you do very well in your business. Fantastic. I'm happy for you, but you should be asking yourself how could I do even better, how could I progress even faster? How could I make even more money? What can I do to up level instead of waiting until your business starts falling, and then say, “Oh my god, how can I save it?” Instead, even when it's going well, you should be asking how to do better, how to improve, where can I learn, who can I learn from? Who can I get as a coach?

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