When should you PROSPECT your friends and family?

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Today's topic is about when should you prospect your friends and family? So that's what in the network marketing industry they like to call it your warm market. So who are the warm market? Well, warm market is basically all the people that you already know. So friends, family, neighbours, people you go to school with, to church with, to gym with, it’s just basically people that you already know is your warm market and then the rest of the world is cold market. 

The reason why they call it the warm market is because they know you, they trust you and hopefully they like you. So that's your warm market. People who already trust you, who already know you and they're not complete strangers to you. 

Usually when you get started in network marketing, they teach you to straightaway start with your warm market, to prospect your warm market, to recruit all of your friends and family right? There might be a problem with that, first of all there's a saying that “you can't be a prophet in your own town.” So usually people who have known you for years and unless you already had your successful business, and you've been a business person for a long time, because most people who come into network marketing, they come from a job, they come from something completely different, so your reputation within your friends and family is probably not of a successful business person. 

If you are successful business person, then this really doesn't apply to you. But 99% of people who come into network marketing, they haven't had their own business, they've never done business in the life. So if all of your friends and family don't look at you as an authority in the home based business or any business and you start approaching them, “Hey, man, hey cousin Johnny, I've got this amazing business proposal for you.” There might be some challenges; they’ll go, “Really? Your business? I thought you're a teacher, I thought you're a nurse.” You know what I mean? So they might not look at you as a business person, right? 

So that's why, first of all, you should always use a tool which is either video, or you put them in front of your sponsor, and they do the presentation so you don't try to be the deal. But the thing about approaching your warm market can be the most soul crushing experience for a new business partner. And actually, it may be the reason why your new business partner quits the business unfortunately, because when a brand new person joins the home based business, joins network marketing, they’re super excited, they pumped up, they’re like, “Oh my Gosh, this is amazing. I'm going to change the world with this thing. It's best opportunity, I'm going to share it with everybody. Everybody's going to join my team. Everybody's going to buy these products, it’s going to be so amazing, I'm going to be a diamond, it’s going to be great,” and then they start talking to their friends and family and people start shooting them down one after another, and they go, “No, not for me. No, no definitely, you're not going to make it in this and don't even waste your time” that's the sort of feedback they very often can get from people who also have never had a business in their life but people who've never had a business usually are first ones to criticise your business, it's just the way it is.

So let's go back to original question when should you prospect your friends and family? You should only start prospecting your friends and family and other people that you know when you don't care what they say. When you no longer care if they say yes or no because most people at the beginning when they first join network marketing, they're not at that stage. They are addicted to the outcome. They think, “Oh my Gosh, if my aunt Susie joins my business, it's going to be so amazing. She knows everybody, she's such a great seller, or if she joins my business is going to be so great. Let's go and present her the business and she'll definitely join my business, it’s going to be so amazing. And they go to Aunt Suzie and Aunt Suzie goes, “No, not interested, no, you're not going to make it. This is rubbish.” Oh, my Gosh, their soul is crushed. They cry on the way home in the car and they’re ready to quit the business. Why? Because they had those high expectations, they were addicted to the outcome of Aunt Suzie joining the business. And that's why it's so painful for them. That's why it's such a big rejection for them, because they are addicted to the outcome of a person joining the business. 

Now once you learn about network marketing, once you've been in network marketing for a while, you should develop what is called posture. And posture means you have a belief in what you have to offer, regardless of external acceptance or approval. So you don't need other people to approve of your business. You don't need other people to positively respond to your business in order for you still to believe in your business. But at the beginning, a lot of people do, they have this addiction to the outcome and because of that, they shouldn't prospect their friends and family because when they do prospect them and when they do say no to them, it's just so painful for them. So actually, they should actually start with people who they care less about, like strangers, like social media and things like that because they don't really care if those people say yes or no to them. They can actually set their mind where I'm just focusing on activity. I'm focusing on asking people, “Hey, would you be open?” and if no, no big deal, and just asking who would you be open to take a look. And once they have built enough posture to where now they are not bothered, if somebody will say yes or no, if a person will join or not, they just focus on the activity of giving everybody the chance, of giving everybody the opportunity to become part of this amazing industry and change their life financially, only then they should reach out to their friends and family because then they will come across completely different way at the beginning, they will come across as desperate, “Please join my team, please this going to be so amazing.” And the more desperate you are, the more people will push away from you. 

But once they have built this posture, now they can go to their friends and family and go, “Hey, look, man, I'm doing this thing, and I’m helping people earn extra income. It may be for you, maybe not for you. I don't know but would you be open to take a look at some information and if no, totally cool, no big deal absolutely fine,” then they are no longer addicted to the outcome of them saying, “Yes, I'll take a look.” Even if that person goes, “No, not for me,” they'll just go, “Cool man, no worries, how is the kids?” change the topic, never mention it again and then move on to the next person. 

But at the beginning, very often they’re not so strong yet. They haven't learned that mindset. And approaching those friends and family by themselves very often is going to be the reason why they quit the business, because they speak 2, 3, 4 or 5 people, if all of them say no, they go, “Ah the business doesn't work, nobody's interested.” Doesn't matter there's another 7 billion people on this planet because my five family members said, “No, nobody's interested in this business. I'm not doing it.”

 And very often, you won't hear that. The new team member is not going to call you go, “Hey, man, I spoke to five of my family members. They all said, No, so I'm quitting. I'm not going to do this business.” No, that's not going to happen. That person is just going to disappear. They’ll no longer going to be accepting your calls. They won't text you, they won’t message you, they won't come to another meeting ever again. And you'll be sitting there scratching your head thinking, “I wonder why so and so didn't do the business? They joined, but they just remained zero. They never started. I wonder why?” Well, that might be the reason because they had a scratch card mentality. They had these three, four or five people in their mind thinking, “Okay, I'll prospect these, these are my friends and family,” they go to those few people if all of them go, “No, no, no,” they decide to quit, simple as that. 

And a lot of you who are watching this you probably had the same mentality when you first started in network marketing, you had the same scratch card and the only reason why you’re still in network marketing is probably one of those said yes, and that's why you decided to stay in network marketing because you went, “Oh, somebody said yes, it works.” That's what I'm saying. But sometimes you might speak to the first 10, 20, 30 people and all of them might say no to you. So unless you’re trained properly, unless you have your mindset where you’re just focusing on activity and you know if I just keep asking I will find people because in network marketing again, our job is not to convince people, our job is to sort through people, right? So we are not convincing, converting whatever, evangelising people, we're not trying to change their mind that's not what our job is, our job is just to sort for people, “Hey man would you be open to earning extra income?” “No.” Next one, “Would you be open to earning extra income?” “No.” Next, “Hey would you be? Yeah? Okay come I’ll show you a video.” That's what you should be doing. You shouldn't be fighting against people, you shouldn’t be convincing people, you shouldn't be converting people, that's not your job as a network marketer it’s just to sort through people, so that's the mindset.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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