When should you invest in training?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about longevity versus intensity. What is more important in your network marketing business?

Very often, you hear especially nowadays or with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone, you hear a lot about hustle, hustle, hustle, you need to put the hustle in, you need to work hard, you need to put a lot of time in. And I agree. I agree. It's very important because hey, if you're not doing anything, then doesn't matter what opportunity you have.

Doesn't matter what business you're in, you will fail because if you don't do the actions, you're not going to get result. But intensity will only get you this far. To really succeed to really master it, you need to have also longevity, which means you need to stay in the game for a long time. You need to build what they call the legacy business, a business that will last longer than you.

I really like, at one of the trainings, I heard this one company has a motto or like a vision to stay in business for 1000 years, interesting, isn't it? What if you were building a business that would last 1000 years? Would it be different from what you do right now? Oh, I just need to make some money this week. Oh, I just need to make some money this month. Too many people are on the short term thinking. They tried all sorts of sometimes not even ethical or moral ways to profit quickly, to get as much as soon as possible to grab, grab, grab, but that will only last so far, that will only take you this far.

What you should be doing is thinking how can I create a legacy? How can I build a business that will give me good money, that will help me make a lot of money and become very rich. But that will last 1000 years. I'll build it so big that it won't even need me anymore. That it will carry on way beyond what I'm doing. That will have people and leaders way better than I am. That will have an impact that no one man could ever have had. That's a little bit different thinking, isn't it? Than how can I make few hundred this week, how can I sell some products this week?

So intensity is great, because intensity helps you to get that lift off, like an aeroplane, when it gets off the runway, it needs that intensity, it needs the gas, it needs the energy to get it off the ground. But once it’s off the ground, is it always going full speed? No. Once it gets off the ground, it goes into what? Cruising. It goes, and then it just does its thing. It just flies across the continents. They're not going all the way up, up, up, up. No, you need this burst of energy.

You need this intensity to get it off the ground, but then you need to find a way how to stabilize the thing, where it runs without the massive all in effort because otherwise, what that's going to cause is that burnout, what that's going to cause is stress, what that's going to cause a lot of sleepless nights. And I'm not talking about the good stress, the excitement, the butterflies in the belly. No, I'm talking about the stress where your eyes are black and you feel like why am I doing this thing? This is not fun anymore. I hate this.

If you ever get to that point, you need to think, what the hell am I doing? Why I'm doing this thing that's literally killing me because stress kills you. Over time, it causes all sorts of problems in your body, disease and everything. So you need to find ways how to enjoy what you do, and creating a huge business, creating a super successful business doesn't have to be a stressful thing, doesn't have to be a pain in the butt. It can be this amazing journey, this amazing business but you have to always think the longevity game.

Even if you might miss out on something today, even if you might miss out on a little bit right now, how can I create a business that will last 1000 years? How can I create a business that not only I will benefit, but my children's children will benefit? How can I make income for the next three generations in my family? Isn't that more exciting? Is it more interesting? I know for me it is.

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