When should a new person create their group

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about, when should a new person that joined your team create the first group. When should a new person that joined the team create their Facebook group?

Now depends about what group are we talking about. If we're talking about a team training group, then I would highly recommend for a new person to keep using the leaders training group because that group is already active. There's already loads of people there because I've seen it too often when a new person joins the business and they say, “Oh, I have to have my own training group for my team.” But the team is two people.

So they create a group, they add those two people in there and it's like crickets there. Nothing is happening. The group is dead basically. So if you're a new person in business, you want to use your leaders training groups as long as possible, because that's where the action is happening, that's where the motivation is happening. And only once your team has grown so big, that already you need a separate group to convey your message to your own group, then you should create your own separate training group and start putting your resources in there, start doing your trainings in there, separately from the big team group.

However, if we're talking about a customer group, so a group for potential customers, that group, a new person should create straightaway. So a new person joins your team on the first day they can now create their own customer VIP group, and start inviting their friends, their family, their work colleagues, everybody they know Facebook friends into their customer group.

However, what they shouldn't do, they shouldn't just create a group and go add, add, add, add, add, add and just add everybody from the friends list into that group without asking them, because that's spam. They didn't ask to be added. They didn't show any interest in your product or service. So why are you adding them to that group? You shouldn't do that.

What a new person should do is message, private message their Facebook friends and ask them say, “Hey, look, I've just set up a VIP customer group for my business where I'll be sharing useful information, tips, advice, special offers discounts, I'll be doing raffles, prize draws and things that there's going to be loads of great value in there. Would you be okay to join my group? You're not obliged to buy anything straightaway or anything like that, but if you will feel it in the future, that's totally cool.” Now, you showing them the value that they will get from that group, instead of just saying, “Hey, do you want to join my customer group and buy some stuff from me?” That's not attractive.

So you always need to lead with value. What will this group give to this person? Why should they join? Because remember, everybody's listening to the same radio station WII FM? What's in it for me? Yeah, if we lived in an ideal world, we will think about other people. But we live in a world where people think about themselves. So you have to tease them, you have to compel them to join your group by showing that you will give them value. And then once they say, “Yeah, I would be open to join that group.” Then don't add them to the group. Instead, send them the link to join the group so that they join your group instead of you adding them. The Facebook algorithm from what I understand works better if a person joins your group than if you add them because when they join it, they will see the posts more often. Facebook will show them the information more than they would if you added them to the group.

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