When is a good idea to use the COMPANY NAME online? 💡

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I want to talk about when is it a good idea to use your company name online?

Normally, when we talk about building your business online, especially on social media, we recommend not using your company name. Why? Not, because we want you to hide your company name or because of anything like that. But because we want you to pique the curiosity, we want you to create curiosity in your posts. So if I'm a stranger to your eye, but I'm on your Facebook friends list, and I see you put a post that, “I am in company ABC Company. ABC is the greatest company in the world and the products that company ABC does is the best product in the 

Now, am I very curious? Probably not so much because now I have your company name, I can go on Google, I can go on Amazon, I can go on eBay and either find somebody else who sells your products, or find somebody else who does your business or find something negative about your company or your product; and you won't even know that that happened because I didn't have to message you, because you gave the company name already. I just go and Google it.

In order to create the curiosity and in order for the person to come to you, we always say you shouldn't use your company name or your product name and instead, create curiosity, say something like, “Whoa! I'm so proud of my team member Ginteree who this week earned 50 pounds extra by doing our part time business from home.” What business is it? How did you make that 50 quid extra? The only way to find out is not to Google, is to message me now. I'm controlling the information you will be receiving. Or I could go on social media and go, “Oh my Gosh, I'm so proud of my customer Tom, who lost three kilos this month by using our food supplement.” What food supplement is it? How did he lose that weight? How much did it cost? They have to come to me because I didn't put the product name on it.

It's best to create the curiosity and not to use your company name. But this video says, ‘When is it a good idea to use the company name?’ Well, it is a good idea to use your company name when you're creating YouTube videos. Why? Because unlike Facebook or Instagram, which people just go on, and they watch what's in front of the face, YouTube is more like a search engine. And even if you search on Google, very often Google will give the first results their YouTube video because Google owns YouTube so they want you to go to YouTube. So the good place to use your company name is when you're creating YouTube videos, ABC Company marketing plan, ABC Company incentive programs, ABC Company products, how to get started in ABC Company.

When you’re creating videos with your company name on YouTube, now you're going to start collecting all this traffic of people researching your company. When somebody sees somebody mentioning your company name on Facebook, or somebody hear somebody talking about your company at work, and they go on Google and go, what is ABC Company, then your YouTube videos will pop up, they'll watch your video and say, “This person is pretty cool. They talk well about this company; I want to get in touch with them.” And if you put your contact details in the description of the video, now they can reach out to you and say, “Hey, I watched your video on YouTube, I'd love to join your team,” or “Hey, I watched your video on YouTube, I'd love to buy the product.” So that's where it's good idea because you're going to be catching up all this traffic that comes from people researching your company.

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