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On this blog, I wanted to talk to you guys about something really, really important and that hopefully will help again to shift your mindset slightly towards how to get things you want in your life. So the title of this blog is whatever you crave, you must give. Now, what on earth does that mean?

Well, what it means is you can't get something that you don't give. So let me put it in terms that you understand it in network marketing. For example, if you hate to buy stuff, if you don't want to buy stuff from your friends, then how could you expect your friends to want to buy from you? You understand what I'm saying? If you want really good team members, if you really want to recruit some good people, then guess what you need to be? You need to be a really good team member. You really need to be a hard worker, you want your team members to sell more, guess what, you need to sell more, you want your team members to recruit more, you need to recruit more, and so on and so on, but it actually affects all the other areas too.

So you want to have freedom, you want to have more freedom, then give more freedom to other people. Maybe you can find ways how to help other people to be more free in their life. You want more love, guess what you need to do? You need to give more love. You can't be sitting saying, “Hey, give me more love.” But you're not giving more love out there. You want more respect, you have to respect other people more. You want more wealth, then you need to again, let the money flow. The money, they call it currency, what does it mean? It's like a current, a river and it has a current.

That's what money does. It's a currency, so it has to flow, the more you hold on to money, the less of it is going to come to you, the more you release that, I'm not saying be wasteful, and waste your money left, right and centre and don't look after the money. No, you have to respect it, but don't clinch to it, don't cling to that money because the more you go, “I don't have any money, I don't have any money.” The less you're going to get.

So you have to be at peace with it. You have to be okay to, to pay for things etcetera, instead of just trying to hold on to every penny, you know what I mean? So it affects so many different areas in your life, but basically the end game here is whatever you want to get, you have to give. You want more attention from people, give more attention to people. You want more respect from people, give more respect to people. You want for people to be nicer to you, you be nicer to other people and this way you're going to attract the same. And it's not just fluffy, motivational rah, rah stuff.

No, it's actually science. It's actually the way your subconscious works, because you see your subconscious doesn't know what's good or bad for you. So if you constantly thinking bad things, if you constantly angry at other people, your subconscious thinks, “Ah, that's the emotion she wants to experience more in her life. So let's create more opportunities for her to be angry at people.” It might sound crazy, but that's how your subconscious works. Your subconscious doesn't know what's good or bad for you. It just does what you thinking about, whatever you thinking about, your subconscious goes, “Okay, let me give her more of that.” So the more you think about bad things, the more subconscious will organize some bad things for you. A good example for that is if you’re constantly getting angry, like if you're getting angry, what happens is your brain gets trained, and it gets addicted to the chemicals that are being released into your brain when you are angry.

So then if you start changing, if you want to stop being angry, your brain actually goes through the withdrawal symptoms. It's like if you're an alcoholic, or you have a drug dependency, same thing, your brain gets dependent on emotions that you give to it all the time. So if you’re always angry, angry, angry, angry, your brain gets addicted to the chemicals that are being released when you're angry. So then you say, “Well, I don't want to be angry anymore.” And few days go by and you haven't been angry. Guess what your brain going to do? Your brain because it's addicted to the chemicals that are being released when you're angry, your brain is now craving for those chemicals when you're angry, so your brain is organizing situations for you to get angry in. So you'll be driving and you go, “Well, I want to get some fast food.” And you see McDonald's with a huge queue like loads of cars in the drive through and then you see Burger King on the other side, which is empty. You go, let me go to McDonald's. Why? So that you can get angry at how long you took them to serve you, you can get angry and how massive the queue is and your brain goes on the chemicals again, yes, yes. Because your brain is got addicted to that. I know it's a little bit off what we started talking about, but it's important for you to get that. So it's science, that whatever you do, whatever you think that is, is what your brain going to do more of, it’s going to attract more of. But the beautiful part of this is that you can retrain this, right? So whatever you think you can retrain your brain. So if you start coming back to what we started with whatever you crave, you have to give. So if now instead of saying, “Oh, my life sucks so much, my life is horrible, my life is miserable. I want more love. My life sucks. And I want more.” It's not going to work because if you keep repeating how horrible your life is, how everything sucks, you're not going to get the love. You're going to get more of what sucks, more of hard stuff, more challenges. So in order for you to reprogram them, and get what you want, let's say you want love then you have to deliberately go and love on people. You have to go and show love to your family. Go show love to your children. Go show love to your husband or wife. Go show love to complete strangers. Go show love to your colleagues. Go show love to everybody you meet and guess what? You're going to start conditioning your brain where your brain is now going to get addicted to the chemicals being released when you love.

Now when you do that your brain becomes addicted to love. So what does your brain do? It organizes situations where you can experience more love. It organizes you meeting people where you can experience more love. And now it's a good cycle. You know, the more you get love, the more you get addicted to love, the more experiences you have, where you experience, love and it works on anything. So you want more wealth, give wealth, you want more respect, give respect, you want more joy, give joy, create joy for other people, and then you will start experiencing more joy.

There's no other way for me to put this for you but if you get this is so powerful, because you become in control of your destiny. You become in control of your life. You’re no longer victim of situations and conditions, but you are now a designer of your life. How awesome is that? Like Jim Rowan used to say best life is live lived by design, not by default, not by accident. Life by design, where you are a designer of your life, you design your future; you design your relationships and your business and everything. 

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