What to say if someone is NOT interested in your business?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, December 24, 2019 Under: Personal Development

I wanted to talk to you about what to say if someone says, “Nope, I'm not open to take a look at your business opportunity. No, I'm not interested.” So before I tell you exactly what to say, you have to understand psychology, you have to understand why do people say no? Why do people say I'm not interested?

So, let me give you a very simple example. You go to a clothes store, maybe it's next, maybe it's top man, top shop, whatever they're called, you go to a store that sells clothing. So you walk in there, you go into ladies or men's department or whatever you want to be and the shop assistant approaches you and says, “Hey, can I help you?” What do you say? What do you say to that person? When they come to you and goes, “Hey, can I help you?” Nine people out of 10 will say, “No, thanks. I'm just looking.” Even though you like five minutes later, 10 minutes later, when you haven't found what you're looking for. You will go to the same shop assistant and go, “Oh, could you please help me find this thing?” And they asked you 10 minutes ago? Would you need any help? What can I help you with?

But it's like a reflex because we’ve been so desensitized by all the advertising, by all the marketing, by all the promotions that it's almost like a reflex, automatically we go, “No, I'm not interested.” Because of all the spam phone calls you're receiving, because of all the spam emails you receive, because of all the cramming of marketing you're receiving, you almost have developed this wall where every time somebody tries to offer you something, you just go, “Not interested.” You see somebody on the high street with a clipboard, you start going around, like you do whatever you can to avoid any human contact, because you're scared that that person is going to try and sell you something, that person is going to try and convince you of buying something.

So we all have developed it and like Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Marketers ruin everything.” And he’s right. Marketers have ruined the advertiser, marketers have ruined social media, because they just bang it on. So because of that, a lot of people that you will reach out to about your business opportunity, even though they need more money, even though they need your product, even though they could definitely do well in it and even though they know they could do definitely well in your business, the first time you're going to approach them and go, whether it's a Facebook message, whether it's a WhatsApp message, whether it's a phone call, you’ll go, “Hey man, would you be open to take a look at an opportunity to earn extra income from home?” And a lot of them will go, “No, thanks. No, thanks, I'm all right.” It's like a reflex.

So because of that, because now you are a little bit smarter, because you know psychology, you're going to then say something after they say that. So whenever you messaged somebody, or you speaking to somebody, whichever way shape or form and if somebody say, you say, “Hey man, I've been working from home helping people earn extra income from home, not sure if this is for you or not, but I'm just curious, would you be open to take a look at some information and if no, no big deal?” And they go, “No, thanks.” You will say the following thing. You'll say, “No problem. Do you know anyone who would be open if I show them a step by step way how to do it? No problem. Would you know anyone who would be open if I show them a step by step way how to do it?”

Now, what this does, again, there's a bit of psychology involved in this. So first of all, what do most people expect a salesperson to do, when they say no to them? Most people expect you to attack them. Like, “Why wouldn't you be interested? Are you stupid or something? Don't you need more money in your life? What's wrong with you?” So, like most people, they will go, “Wow, you must be an idiot. You must be stupid not to take a look at this.” So they will attack them. So they’re almost expecting that, they almost expect you to as soon as they go, “No, I’m not interested.” They almost expect you to go, “Ah.” Something like that. So, when you go, “No problem.” They go, “What!” Like for them, it's unusual, because most network marketers, “Very well. Oh my gosh.” They will attack them, they will rip them to shreds, they will call them an idiot and a moron. “What don't you like extra income or free products?” Like something stupid like that.

So when you go, “No problem, would you know anyone who would be open if I showed them a step by step process how to do it?” So now because they maybe they are interested, maybe they’re actually curious because of that reflex, they said no, but you didn't react emotionally to that, you didn't start strangling them, you just go, “No problem man. Would you know anyone who would be interested if I show them a step by step process?”

So now the cogs start moving in their head and they go like, “Who would be open to earning extra income and you could show them an easy way, like a step by step process. Actually, what is it again?” Like I've had people who had said that, I said, “No problem. Would you know anyone who would be open if I showed him a step by step process how to do it as we go?” “Well, I can’t recommend you unless I know what it is.” What does that mean? “I'm prepared to take a look at it in order to recommend.” “Absolutely, I totally agree. I have a short 12 minute video that explains the whole thing. How soon could you watch it?” You understand what I'm saying? So it's all about you taking, relaxing a bit, not trying to attack these people and asking for recommendations. Now will every single person who said no to you and you ask them, “Hey, no problem. Would you know anyone who would be open if I show them a step by step?”

Does that mean everybody will recommend you to somebody? Of course not but what if one in 10 recommends you on, what if one in 20 recommends you on. Well that's one in 20 you wouldn't have had if you didn't ask? Because most people again, when they get a no, they go, “Ah!” They’re offended, they’re hurt. So that's it. I'm deleting them from my Christmas card list. Never I will speak to them again. It's a mistake. It's a mistake. I wouldn't do that. Because even if somebody is not open right now, hey, they might be open sometime from now. So you need to understand that, you need to understand that, that somebody who says no, it doesn't mean no forever, it means no right now.

So because you understand that now, because you've got a bit of psychology in your head right now, you will stand out from the crowd and ask every single person for referrals. So if they're not interested, ask them. Maybe it's going to be one in a 100, but they might lead you to somebody who will become a rock star in your business. Well, most people don't ask. They just go, “Ah, you’re just an idiot, you're stupid because you’re not open to my business. You're a moron.” Well, who's the moron there? I don't know. So you need to be asking that question and you will get referrals and same way actually a bit off the topic, but same with product sales. So every time somebody buys a product from you, ask them, “Do you know anyone else who would like to get this type of product?”

Again, will everybody recommend you other the customers? Of course not, but what if one in 10 recommends you on, that's an extra customer, that's an extra sale that you get just because you asked one sentence after you served somebody.

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