What to say at the end of presentation?

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Today I want to talk about what to say at the end of the presentation. So maybe you met with somebody at a coffee shop and you show them your business presentation, maybe you run your local business opportunity meeting or you just took a friend to a local business opportunity meeting at a hotel or maybe it's a home party or maybe whatever, so you've showed somebody the business, what do you say after you show the business? So you did the presentation. What comes next?

Now a lot of people don't really know what to say after the presentation and they say things like, “So, what do you think about it?” 
One of the most common things that people ask is, “What do you think about it?” And that's one of the worst things to ask. Why? Because it invites critic. When you asking somebody, what do you think about it, it sort of asks them to analyze it, ask them to nitpick it, it asks them for look for details and very often that will invite critic where they will start criticizing it or asking questions and things like that. Now, I don't know if you want that.

Go ahead and ask them what do they think about it? The other option is, where people feel so scared of getting a No. Well, they just go, “Well, thanks for coming. Thanks for watching the presentation. We’ll keep in touch.” Because they're scared of getting rejection, because they're scared of the person saying no to them, they'll just say, “Goodbye, goodbye.” After the presentation and again, I've done that before, when I would do a presentation and go, “Well, thanks for coming. Bye for now.” Again, definitely don't want to do that.

The other group of people will be very direct, they finish the presentation and go, “so, are you going to join this business? Are you going to do this deal?” And it's better to ask them if they're going to join that just saying goodbye, but sometimes is not the best strategy as well. The reason being, if I show you the business presentation, and then I ask you, “So are you going to join this?” What does that imply? It implies that not everybody joins, because otherwise, why would I ask? Now, if not everybody joins why some people don't join. Is there something wrong with it? You know what I mean?

So it's, it starts the thought process in your prospects head that again, you don't want to start. So again, that probably is not the best way to do it. But I'm going to give you the best way to do it. So after the presentation, whether it's one to one with a small group or whether it’s a huge presentation, once you finish doing the presentation, this is what you need to ask your prospect, “What did you like the best about this presentation?”

Now what does that do? Well, it invites positivity. When you say to somebody, “What did you like best about it?” It invites them to say, “Well, I like that thing. And I like this thing. And I like that thing.” Now Guess what? The best sale is when your prospect is selling themselves. So after you finish the presentation, you could go, “Oh, can you see how wonderful the products are? And can you see how wonderful the company is and can you see how wonderfully well we pay people?”

But that's you saying these things, that’s you trying to sell them on it? Wouldn't it be better if you did the presentation, and your prospect said, “Wow, the products are amazing. Wow, the company is great. Wow, they pay so well.” Wouldn't it be better because then they would be selling to themselves? So how could you get them to sell themselves? By asking, “What did you like the best?” So if I did a presentation to you and I asked you at the end of the presentation, “What did you like the best?” And you say, “Well, I really like the products.” “Awesome. Why do you like these type of products? Do you think you'd love to work with these type of products? Do you think you would find people who would buy these type of products? What else did you like about it?”

Well, I also liked how you can make up quite good money with this business.” “Great. Is that important to you right now to make some extra money or to make better type of income?” “Yes, it's really important.” “Why is it important? Why would you like to make more money?” “Well, because this, that, I want to take my kids to Disneyland, I want to buy a new house. I want to buy a new car.” Whatever it is.

Can you get what I'm doing here? I'm getting my prospect to sell themselves on why they should join my business. And how am I doing that? By simply asking questions, you see one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a network marketer and again, I made that mistake is be addicted to talking because we network marketers, we home based business owners, we entrepreneurs, we’re so excited about what we're going to do and we just talk, talk, talk, and we talk and talk and talk and talk about it and we sell the business, but the problem is we don't stop there. We carry on talking, we talk and talk and talk and talk, and then we buy the business back.

That's the last thing you want to do. Instead of you talking, how can you get the person to talk? So they have open ended questions and closed ended questions. Closed ended questions is when you go, “Well, do you like it?” “Yes.” “Do you like this product?” “Yes.” You know what I mean, these are closed ended questions because the answer can only be yes or no. Instead, you should learn how to ask open ended questions. Questions like how, why, and so on? So how, why is this important to you? You can't answer that by yes or no, you have to elaborate on that. “Awesome.” “And how would you do this? How would this change your life if you could get an extra thousand pounds? How would that impact your life?” Again, you can’t answer that by yes or no, you have to go into it. You know what I mean?

So what, how, when, where, it just invites people to start selling themselves and you dig deeper. By asking these questions, you find out the real reasons that are driving this person, their real goals, their real dreams, their real ambitions, instead of just trying to push your dreams onto them, instead of just trying to push your ambitions onto them. You start digging deeper, what do they want in life, what is important for them, what are their values and they start selling themselves by simply asking, “What did you like the best?” And then digging deeper, when they say, “I like this?” “Why did you like that? How important to have a group product for you? How important it is to make some extra money for you? How important it is to help other people for you? And get them to elaborate.

Get them to tell their reasons and you'll see at the end of it, let's say I did a presentation to someone and say, “What did you like the best?” “I like that.” I dig deeper. “Why did you like that? Is that important to you? Great. What else did you like?” “Well, I like that too.” “Okay, great. Why is that important to you? Okay, what else did you like?” And how go through a couple of the things that they liked and wants to go, “Well, that's it. Great. Sounds like you're ready to join.” Because they just told me all the things they love about the business and how this business is going to impact their life. Then it just makes sense to join, right? I wouldn't go, “So do you want to join? Like, no, it sounds like you ready to join.” And nine times out of 10, guess what they're going to say, “Yes.” “Awesome.” “Let's get the registration then.” So that's my tip for you.

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