What to do with WEIRD friend requests?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, January 5, 2020 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to talk about what to do with the weird friend requests. So this mainly applies to women, but a little bit to men as well. This mainly going to apply to women because women are the ones who are getting most of this and in our team, there's over 2700 people.

So when certain things happen in social media very quickly, I get a lot of questions. And with this one, I've had a lot of team members, especially the female team members, message me or call me and go, “Hey, what do I need to do, because I'm getting like 50 to 100 different friend requests with mainly guys, and mainly not from UK or USA, they from other types of countries, sometimes Africa, sometimes Asia. And basically, they’re not messaging me because they want to do business with me, not because they want to join my network marketing business. They want to do different kind of business.

What do I do with all of those weird friend requests?” So this is how it works. First of all, again, some of you will be tempted just to go accept, accept, accept, accept and go, “Hey, my audience is growing, my Facebook Lives and my posts, more people going to see it, awesome.” Not really, because what happens is when you start accepting these guys, and let alone that you're going to start getting some weird messages, sometimes even some graphic pictures from those candidates, what happens is by accepting these guys, you are telling Facebook that, “Hey, I want more of this. I like this stuff.”

So what Facebook is going to do, he's going to show you to all of their contacts. So now you start getting even more of these guys adding you as a friend and sending you pictures and weird messages and things like that and before you know it, half of your day is consumed, answering weird messages, blocking them, getting frustrated, because you getting all of these weird pictures from them, you go live and you start getting crazy comments under your lives and under your other posts, loads of hearts and like, “I love you, marry me.” And things like that. And it's just super creepy, it's super weird and it just looks extremely strange. So my advice for you is one, if you already done the mistake of accepting people like that, you need to go to your friends list and remove all of them. That's number one.

Number two then is stop accepting the friend requests from people like that. Just start deleting all of them. So like, “Oh, how do I know, maybe there's a good person in between them?” Well, then check the profiles before you accept, go into their profile, and see, if you see a normal person posts normal pictures, totally cool, but with those kind of weird friend requests very quickly, you'll go into their profile and you'll see, there's usually not much there anyway and if there is something, very often it's some crazy creepiest type of stuff.

Now, this well apply to guys as well, but not as much. If you're a guy, you will get some of those friend requests from ladies and very often with those as well, you'll have a profile picture of somebody very pretty, usually sometimes even some nudity but again, if you click on the profile, straightaway, you'll see a bunch of pornography on their timeline. So you just decline, decline, decline all of those friend requests because again, if you start accepting one or two or three, then you're going to get another 10. If you accept those 10, you're going to get another 50 and it's just never ending.

So you want to make sure that your Facebook, you keep it nice and clean, you keep it nice and tidy. So for some of you, you just need to do some spring cleaning on your Facebook, you just need to go through your friends list and start removing people like that, or people who have inactive profiles, no profile pictures, and things like that, just to really make sure that you have the right audience, because it's not about amount of people that you have on your Facebook, it's about the cool quality of people that you have on your Facebook.

So I would rather have 100 friends, but people who are really engaging with and people who will comment intelligently on my lives on my pictures. They like the content that I'm sharing, they're interested in stuff that I'm sharing, than to have 5000 friends of people who completely don't really care, what am I talking about? What am I posting, they just there to send me weird pictures and weird messages and things like that. So you have to be really thinking, who do I want.

And instead of just accepting because I know, if you’re in network marketing, you want to be prospecting on social media. So you want to be building your team, you want to be recruiting people, and it's tempting to go, “Well, oh my gosh, I have these people sending me a friend request, all I need to do is just accept those friend requests and recruit those guys.” But guess what, you're not going to recruit them.

One they’re not interested in what you have to offer, like I said, they interested in different kind of business. Number two, very often, again, just don't get me wrong, don't get me wrong, I'm not against poor countries, and I'm not like, “Oh, we only want rich countries or whatever.” But very often, those weird friend requests, they will come from countries, which are not very social, economically strong, let's put it that way. So a lot of those people, even if they wanted to join your business, they are not in a position to do so, they wouldn't have the money to join your company, to buy the starter kit, to buy products, to ship them, they just not in a position.

So it's a bad market, it's a bad market to go into, you want to go up in your market, you want to look for better quality people than yourself, instead of going for lower quality people. So again, I wouldn't recommend doing that instead I decline all of those crazy friend requests, and instead, go look for people that you want to be connecting with, look for people who you are interested in connecting with. So we had a call with one of the team members yesterday, and I was telling her about, think about your avatar.

So who is your ideal team member? What sort of qualities would that person have? What sort of books would that person read? What sort of people would that person follow? What sort of places and groups would that person hang around, and then go and look for that person where they would hang around, look for that person where they would like, what sort of pages they would like, what sort of information they will be reading. This way, you will be attracting better quality people. So you send the friend request to the people that you 
want to be connecting with, instead of accepting friend requests from people who, you don't really want to be connecting with, they're not the right market for you, they're not interested in what you've got to share with them. They’re not interested in what you've got to offer with them.

That's my advice, is simply check the profile of every single person who sends you a friend request and if you do accept anybody into your friends, again, what I personally do, I straightaway message that person. So if I get a friend request from somebody, I first of all, click on their profile and check out that person, because I want to see if it's a real profile, it's not a fake profile, I want to see who that person is, once I found out who that person is, if I am happy with that, I accept that person. Straightaway, I send her a message, I send her my message to introduce myself to say hi, and to start a conversation because again, even if that person has an awesome profile, the real person with a real timeline, but if I messaged that person, and they don't reply to me, I'm removing them because I don't need people on my friends list who are not communicating with me because what's the point for me to have them on my Facebook, if they just added me for the number, like, “Oh, I have 5000 friends, I'm not community with them. I'm not interested in what they do, but I'm just adding everybody.”

So I would message somebody who send me a friend request, and I will try to start a conversation, if they're not responding, if they're not having a conversation with me, I'm removing them from my friends, because I don't need people on my Facebook who are not engaging with me, who are not interested in what I'm sharing, in what information I'm interested in and what I want to teach other people.

That's how I control my friends list on Facebook. And once in a while, I'll go and do an audit on my friends. So I’ll go through my friends list, and I'll engage some people, I'll remove some people, I'll see because sometimes you go and message somebody and the thing pops up and you see that you already messaged that person couple of months ago and you see they saw the message and they didn't even bother to reply. For me that's unfriend. Simple as that because that person is no longer interested in communicating with me.

So instead of having 5000 friends, I'd rather have 500 but people who I'm really communicating with, people who I'm really clicking in, people who are on the same vibe as I am.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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