What to do with people in your team who are not ambitious?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, September 20, 2018 Under: Personal Development
Hey Guys,

I often hear leaders ask "What do I do with people in my team who are not ambitious, who are not crushing it, who are not going for the top rank, for that car bonus, for that top income level?". This question comes from the assumption that everyone should be willing to go for the max. However, the reality is that 80% of people in network marketing have a desire level of £0-£500 per month! Ant that's their desire level - NOT ACTUAL RESULTS! 

So what you must understand that majority of people in your team will be more than happy just to consume products and be part of a great motivated community that network marketing provides. And if you try to say hey why don't you do more points or why don't you bring other people into business, you can make them feel like they are not enough and it will eventually cause them to leave your business.

So what you should do with those who are just purchasing products on a regular basis? Send them a 'thank you' letter! Because they are still putting money in your pocket. :)

I go more in depth into this concept in today's video:

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