What to do with ANGRY people?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, February 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to give you a very important tip on what to do with angry people, what to do with people who are rude to you or abrupt to you, how to react and how to behave if that happens to you. So what to do with angry people?

Well, the worst thing to do with angry people is to be angry back at them because that then doesn't help anybody and that just only makes the situation much worse. So if somebody is angry at you, if somebody is rude to you, if somebody does something horrible to you, and you behave in exactly the same way back, then it's just like you're both crying, like if somebody is crying, and you come to them and you also start crying, you don't help them really. In order to help them, you have to behave in a different manner.

And one of the best ways I've ever heard on how to handle angry people or people who are rude to you was by my mentor Ray Higdon, and he said, “Every time somebody is angry with you, or somebody is rude to you, think in a way that nobody is bad as a person normally.” Think about that something happened to that person, maybe that person's child, they just found out that their child has cancer. Maybe that person is going through divorce, maybe their spouse left them, maybe they just lost all of their savings. Give that person a benefit of a doubt. Now, maybe it's nothing like it, maybe they just enjoy being rude to you. Maybe they just enjoy being angry.

But from experience, there's not that many people like that. There's not that many people who enjoy being horrible to other people. Usually there's a reason why that person is behaving in that way. And if you look at it that way, then it straight away neutralizes your emotion, it straightaway neutralizes your anger, because if somebody is rude to you, your temptation is to be rude back at them, but if you stop for a second and think, what if their child has cancer? Or what if she just found out that her mom has cancer, or something bad happened to them and they behaving like that without even thinking because they had such a horrible time, because they had such a horrible experience? If you think like that, then what's your response going to be.

Instead of angry response, your response will be loving response. And you will say, “Hey, looks like you're having a bad day. I'm really sorry. I hope your day gets better.” And that person will go, “Wow.” It's very often it will change their state, it will cause what is called pattern interrupt where they will go, “What!” Because they expected you to be angry back at them. They expected you to be rude back at them and when you give them a loving response, they go, “What!” Like they didn't even expect. And very often they'll go, “Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I said these things, I'm sorry I behaved like that. It's just something about happened to me.” Like Tony Robbins says, he says, “We only have two ways of communicating with people. It's either a loving response, or it's a cry for help. It's either a loving response or a cry for help.”

So if somebody is angry with you, if somebody is rude to you, if somebody is whatever, that's a cry for help. They're basically crying. They're basically asking your help. They're basically saying to you, “I'm feeling bad. Something horrible is happening in my life, something horrible happened to me. I'm going through a tough period.” And they're crying for help. So if somebody is crying for help, you wouldn't be mad at them. You wouldn't be angry at them. You wouldn't be rude to them. You'd give a loving response, you'd love on them, right? And that's the only way to neutralize that anger.

That's the only way to neutralize that rudeness or whatever happened. That's how I recommend you to behave, because you know why, more than to help that person. Yeah, sure, for that person, they would feel very good if you gave them a loving response, but more than anything, dude for a selfish reason. Because if somebody is angry at you, somebody is horrible to you, somebody is rude to you, and you respond back with anger, or even if you don't respond, but you feel anger, it's like poison in your body. It causes stress, it causes disease, it causes your immunity to weaken, it causes loads of physical problems, to be angry, it causes loads of physical problems, to be upset.

So if you switch that and you give a loving response, it neutralizes those emotions inside your body and it reduces your stress. It reduces your anxiety so you feel better. So if anything, do it for your own benefit, for your own reason, as soon as you want to go and go mental and explode, just take a deep breath, think, okay, they're probably going through a tough period of time. Just smile at them, just wish them a good day. Tell them that you hope that their day gets better, and you release it. And even if it doesn't change the state, even if they don't apologize to you, doesn't matter. Now you've protected your own body. Now you release that negative emotion yourself and you can move on. Do whatever you were meant to do on that day, go keep changing lives, go keep spreading joy, go keep smiling to people.

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