What to do with “I’ll think about it” people?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about what to do with the I’ll think about it people.

The people who say they will think about it. Think about the actual scenario when people say I'll think about it. So imagine you're doing a presentation, imagine you're presenting a business to somebody and the person says, “Okay, I'll think about it.” So imagine they go home, they sit down and they say “Okay, let's think about it now. Let's think about it.” Like that's complete nonsense. Nobody thinks about it, actually the person made a decision there and then but they just trying to be polite and they try not to upset you. And the answer is basically no.

You understand if you have 30 people who are thinking about it, basically, you have 30 people who said no to you, they just didn't want to be rude to you. But what can you do with those people? One of the best things you can do with people who say I’ll need to think about it, is add them to your business opportunity to group. Business opportunity group is basically a group where you have your business opportunity presentation, but it's a group where you celebrate all the wins of your business.

Somebody hits a new rank in your company, you put it in the business opportunity group, somebody gets a bonus, you put it in a business opportunity group, somebody qualifies for a car, you put it in a business opportunity group. Basically, every time something positive happens in your business, you put it in your business opportunity group. So what happens with that group is that you start adding all the people who say I’ll need to think about it, and you say, “Hey, great, no problem. You can think about it all you want. Can I add you to this group where you'll find more information to think about?” Most people will say, “Yeah, totally cool. No problem.”

You add that person to that business opportunity group, and now all the time, they’re seeing the celebrations of your business, they’re seeing other people winning in your business, they’re seeing other people making money in your business, they’re seeing other people qualifying for cars, holidays, incentives, and all the time, the person who said I'll think about it slowly starts thinking, you know what? That person got paid, that person made something, that person got something, that person got a holiday. Maybe I need to take another look at this business.

Maybe I should be doing this too. So your business opportunity group actually keeps your prospects warm, keeps those people who said I'll think about it, keeps them engaged and keeps reminding to them, that you are doing the business, you are growing your team, you are helping other people. And eventually maybe that person will decide you know what, enough time to think about it. I need to actually do it.

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