What To Do If You Missed Your Goal?

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This blog post is about what to do if you have missed your goal. So what if you set a target and you didn't achieve it? What if you made a plan and you didn't get that? What do you do in those cases? So what happens if you miss your goal and I've got my trusty whiteboard here today again, because I need to show you something, because we call it the dream versus income cycle? So the first cycle is your dream cycle. So that's your dream cycle. So what goes inside that dream cycle?

All your dreams, all your dream lifestyle, so you might want to get a house, you might have a dream car, you might want to go on a dream holiday, you might want to give your kids private education, you might want jewelry, and so on and so on. So all those little things that you want, all goes into dream cycle and that should come to a certain amount of money.

So I don't know how much your dream house would cost, maybe its a million pounds. What’s your dream car? Maybe that's 100,000 pounds. What's that dream holiday? Well, maybe it's 10 grand or 15 grand or 20, grand, whatever. So in the end, your dream cycle comes up to a certain amount of money. Well, let's say its a million pounds. Let's say your dream life would cost a million pounds. So that's your dream cycle.

And then the second cycle we have is income cycle. So what is your actual yearly income? And, again, I don't know where you are right now in the world, what's the average income in your country, but let's say an average income is about 30,000 pounds, and I'm being generous. I know that many people earn a lot less than that. But let's say that's it. So now you have a million pound lifestyle, dream lifestyle, but you are making 30,000 pounds. Now I'm not great in math, but there's a problem there, isn't it? Your income doesn't match your dreams. So your income doesn't match your dreams? So what can you do? Well, there's actually only two things you can do.

One thing that most people do is they reduce their dream cycle. So they reduce the dream cycle to match their income. So instead of living in a luxury mansion, they settle for a two bedroom flat, instead of driving the dream car, they settle for 10 year old Toyota, instead of traveling to the dream of holidays, they just go somewhere cheap, once every few years and so on. And so what they do they reduce their dreams to match their poor income, to match their poor performance.

Now, what I recommend is something different that very few people do. And that is to expand your income to match your dreams. So how does this tie up? Then to me making this video about you not reaching your goal or you're not reaching your target? Well you see what weak people do, what lazy people do is, if they see that they're not going to hit the goal, if they see that they're not going to achieve the target middle way through the process, midway through the month, midway through the year, they will reduce the target to justify their poor performance. So they're saying, “Look, yeah, I made this goal. But now like, I'm not getting there. So let's just reduce that. Let's just bring the finish line closer. So it would be easier to cross it.” And that's like the worst thing you can do. That's the worst thing you can do.

You know what successful people do; you know what a high achievers do; if they see that they‘re not going to hit the target. If they see that they're not going to reach their goal, they increase the activity; they increase the effort to make sure that they reach. So a guy called Grant Cardone wrote a book called
10 X. And what he says is that a lot of people don't reach their goals, a lot of people don't hit their targets, not because their targets are too high, not because the goals are too big. It's because they underestimate how much effort and how much work it's going to take to achieve it.

Most people underestimate how hard it's going to be to reach their dreams. Most people underestimate how much work and time is going to go into achieving that dream lifestyle, into getting those results in business into doing whatever you understand what I'm saying. So many people, they give up way too easily way too soon, because it turns out to be harder than they expected. So my advice for you this month, if you if you had a goal and you didn't hit it, if you didn't reach it, it's okay. Don't beat yourself up and don't reduce your target next month.

No instead, increase your level of activity 10 X, 10 times it. So what you did this month, if you didn't reach your goal, you need to 10 times the effort that you've put in this month, you 10 times that next month. And you'll see, you will hit your target and you'll go beyond, you’ll hit your goal, and you’ll achieve even more, just 10 times your effort. 10 times the amount of work you're putting in, 10 times the amount of calls you making, 10 times the amount of conference calls you do, 10 times amount of training you do, 10 times everything. And oh my god, you'll see your goals come true. You’ll see your dreams come into reality. You see, because you most likely, if you didn't hit your goal, if you didn't achieve your target, simply you have underestimated how much work and effort will have to go into that.

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