What to do if someone did not see your message?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about what to do if you've sent somebody a message, but they didn't see it, how to get them to look at this message.

So, because of the way that Facebook works, if you send a message to somebody who is not friends with you, that message actually is not going to go to their inbox, that message actually is going to end up in their message requests. So that message actually going to end up in the message requests and not everybody actually regularity checks their message requests. So sometimes the message will go there and somebody will not see that message for a long time.

Let's say I'm trying to build my business with people who I don't know and let's say I don't want to just keep adding, adding, adding hundreds and hundreds of people to my friends. So I might want to message Estella, but Estella is not friends with me. So now if I messaged her, and she hasn't seen the message, what can I do? How can I get her to take a look at the message if she doesn't see the message that I sent her? So there's a little trick that you can do that will get people to look in their message requests and to find your message and what you basically do, you go into a person's profile, and you look on their posts and then you go into one of the posts, preferably a good post, and you go, “Wow, I love this post. By The way I sent you a message into your inbox.”

Now, once the person gets the comment, guess what? They're going to get a notification like Gediminas commented under your posts. So they go to take a look at the comment and they say, “Wow, great post, by the way, essential private message.” Now they’ll go to the inbox and they can see the message. So what will they do? They'll go and check the message requests. And there you go. They find my message. They're saying, whatever I said to them, right?

So that's a little trick to get people to see your messages because those who are not friends with you, when you send them a message very often it'll go there and a lot of people don't check that regularly. So just drop a comment under their post, say something nice, compliment them and tell them that by the way, I've sent you a message, have a look!

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