What to do after CRISIS?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, September 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about what to do after the crisis.

So what to do after crisis and as we getting sort of back to normal after all the corona and things are opening up slightly, I know we still have to wear masks and things like that, but over the next weeks and months I think we will going to get back to normal and places will open up and the events will start picking up. But too many people have a too short memory for crisis.

One thing you have to understand that guess what comes after crisis, after crisis comes a good time. And what happens after good time, another crisis, and then another good time, and then another, it's like seasons of life. You have the spring and the summer, great times fun times when everything goes well. And then you have the autumns and the winters of your life where things are not so great when things are sometimes horrible and bad. It's seasons. You can't order three summers in a row, you're always going to have a summer, but then you can have an autumn and then you're going to have a winter, it just the way it works. You can't rearrange it, like good old Jim Rohn used to say, “When you have your own planet, you can make it in a different way.

But now that we live on this planet, it's the way the things are, so you just have to accept it and work with it.” So same thing applies to crisis, whether it's a financial crisis, whether that's a health crisis, like we had, whether that's some sort of other crisis. There's always going to be crisis, there's always good times but there is always challenging times.

But too many people are like, the goldfish, with a three second memory. They just had a bad time and they struggled financially and they realize that oh my gosh, I haven't saved up enough money. I haven't built the financial wall around my family that nothing can get through. I haven't prepared for this challenging time. And then that passes or they go, “Woo challenging time passed, I can relax again.”

No you can't, instead of relaxing when the crisis passed, what you should do is prepare for the next one. So that the next time there's a quarantine, this next time there's a financial crisis, the next time when people get laid off from jobs, you are secured, you are protected. You've got money in the bank, you've got assets making you money, you've got things working for you online, so you don't have to panic and go, “What do we do now? It's the crisis.” Yeah, like the crisis before and the one before that, and the one before that. It’s just the normal thing. It always happens, it happens in these cycles.

So you have to be smart about it and prepare for it, because when this crisis happened, when people couldn't go to work, and a lot of people were like, “Oh my gosh, why doesn't government come and help us? Why doesn't this?” And I’m like, “Hey, you’re still living in that mindset? Nobody's coming to save you. You have to save yourself. Nobody's going to come and help you. You have to help yourself.” But unfortunately, there's a lot of people who would not participate in their own rescue. They will not help themselves. And if you don't help yourself, nobody can help you. So now the life is getting a little bit back to normal, you need to start thinking, how am I going to prepare for the next one? How I'm going to prepare for the next challenge?

So then when the next one comes and everybody's running around, like headless chickens panicking, you can be sitting and thinking, “I'm okay. I'm sorted. I'm fine. I'm going to be good. My family is secured. I've built a financial wall around my family that nothing can get through.” Can you say that? Work on that so that the next time it happens, you are in a position where you’re okay, where you are protected, because it will happen. I'm telling you, five years from now, seven years from now, 10 years from now, you'll be watching this video and say, “Oh, he was right. There was another crisis. There was another credit crunch. There was another recession.” Because it always happens. It always happens in this cycle.

I don't know when, maybe it's going to be in three years, maybe in five years, maybe in 10 years, but it will happen. Will you be okay, when it happens? Will you be prepared for it? Will you be secure for that? That's the question. If you're not, you've got nobody else to blame but yourself because you took it too lightly. I'm constantly working, not just for today, not just how do I pay my bills at the end of the month? Not just how do I put my food on the table for my family? But I'm also thinking ahead, three steps ahead. How am I going to sort myself for the next three years? How am I going to protect my family over the next five years? How am I going to be financially secure when I'm 50 or 60? Yeah, that's right. I'm already thinking about that. How am I gonna retire? How much money will I have? Too many people just go, “Oh, that's too far. Oh, you don't need to worry about it.”

Well, it's not the time to think about retirement when you hit 60, then it's a little bit too late to plan for your retirement. To plan for your retirement, it's now when you do your 20s, when you’re in your 30s, when you're in your 40s. Now is the time to start putting assets in place, now is the time to start investing, now is the time to start saving. Now is the time to start making plans for when you won't be able to work, for when you won't be able to make money. Think ahead.

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