What makes a great TEAM?

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I want to talk about what makes a great team. The title of this blog, what makes a great team. And if I asked you to describe what is a team? What makes a great team?

The chances are a lot of you would say, “Well, it's a group of people who are the same, who’re doing the same. So it's like a group of people who are the same.” But actually what makes a really great team is a group of people that are not the same.

Actually, if you think about it, what makes a great team is actually a bunch of people who are different but they can complement each other, they can supplement each other because think about it, if you had a football team with 11 goalkeepers, wouldn't be much of a great football team, would it? What if you had a basketball team with five attackers?

Again, wouldn't make a great basketball team because who's going to be defending, who's going to be doing that and the other. A great team is actually a bunch of different people who know different things. You see, because the challenge is as a leader, very often, you are looking for people like you because you're your favourite person in the world. You like yourself? You're awesome, you're a rock star. So you look for more people like yourself. You want people who think like you, you want people who behave like you, you want people who are disciplined like you, you want people who do things like you, but the challenge is, if you only get people like you, one, you’re missing out on like three quarters of the population of the earth, because you're going to disqualify three quarters of people because they're not like you. That's one.

Then number two, then is you have the whole team of people like you, which means all of you have the same strengths and the same weaknesses. So like, if you're rubbish in technology, then your whole team is rubbish in technology, because you're only recruiting people like you. A great team and a great leader is actually a person who's looking for people who are better than him in certain areas.

If I’m a leader who's a great speaker, I might not look to recruit great speakers, but of course I will if I found them, but if I'm a great speaker, but I'm not a great seller, guess what? I look for people who are great at selling to recruit them into my team. If I'm a great speaker, but I'm not great at technology, I look to recruit somebody who's great at technology. If I'm not a great speaker, then I look to recruit somebody who's a great speaker, if I'm not great at psychology or whatever, I look for someone.

If you look at most successful business people in the world, people like Richard Branson, like Bill Gates, like Steve Jobs, like Elon Musk, they are not superhuman geniuses. Well, they are geniuses, but they are not perfect in everything. They don't know everything in the entire planet, but what they do, they hire people who know more than them in certain areas. And that's how they get incredible results. That's how they can run 10, 20, 30, 40 different companies, and all companies are thriving, because they're looking for talent. They're looking for people who are better than them at different things.

The same thing actually applies for your network marketing business too. When you're looking for people, I keep hearing this all the time from people like, “Well, I'm looking for anybody, like everybody fits into my team. Everybody can work with me.” And yeah, I know that everybody can work with you, but why not change that because when you're looking for everybody, usually you get nobody. Why not laser focus and say, “Okay, who do I actually need in my team?

What type of people do I need in my team? What skills do I need in my team?” And start looking for people like that and actually approach people and go, “Hey, Sonia, I'd love to show you my business. I'd love to share my business with you. I'd love to have you in my team, because you're doing this and I need that in my team. You have the talent that will help you in my business.” “Hey, Claire, I would love to share with you my business opportunity because you do this and I really need that in my team and I think you could crush it in my business, because you're really good at that.”

This will serve you both as a recruiting tool because now you're giving somebody a reason why they should join your business. You’re give them a reason why they would be great in your business and at the same time, you are genuinely assembling the A team, you are assembling a team of people whole talented in different areas where you're not talented. It’s really, really, really great way of building a strong leadership team.

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