What it means to be a PRO?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about what does it mean to be a real pro?

We hear that a lot and what does it really mean especially for you in network marketing? What does it mean for you to be pro? Today I wanted to talk about what does it mean to be pro and of course we know the pro stands for professional. And unfortunately, not that many people are professionals really when you think about it, especially in the home based business arena. Like there's loads of people who are professional accountants and professional doctors and professional footballers and, well, maybe not that many footballers, but there's many people who have professions, like a professional electrician or Carpenter or a plumber, these are professions and these people are professional.

But when it comes to home based business, when it comes to network marketing, all too often, people are amateurs. People are doing it as a hobby. People are doing it as a side project. People are doing it as a thing to keep busy and they end up not getting great results. And they wonder why, they act surprised like, why am I not getting results? I've registered, have registered for years ago, how come I'm not making millions yet like the other person? Well, the difference between that person who's not making the money, and the person who's making huge money is because one is the pro and the other one is an amateur. So I wanted to share with you three things that I picked up from a training recently that did help you to become a pro and all of those three things have the pro in it.

So, item number one is promote. To become a real pro in network marketing, you have to become a promotion machine. You have to be promoting like crazy. You should be promoting your company events. You should be promoting your products, you should be promoting the incentive programs, you should be promoting everything all the time. You should be promoting to potential customers, you should be promoting to potential business partners. You should be promoting to people within your team every single day. You should be reaching out to people and not having conversations like, “Hey, how's it going? Hope you well. How is the weather up there? Very nice.” I get it, having a connection, being girlfriends or just friends or whatever. But that's really not a professional. Your dentist really calls you to say, “Hey, just checking how’s things.” Your dentist will call you, “Hey, how's those cavities? How is your teeth? You need to come in for a visit.” And so on, because he's a professional.

Now I'm not saying you can't have a conversation with your team member or a potential customer. But that conversation should always include you promoting something. “Hey, how's things? How's family? How are you holding up? Whoa, and by the way, have you seen that new product that the company released? I'm getting one for sure. Are you going to get one? Hey, how's things you know, how's family? How you been holding up? Oh, by the way, have you seen that training that's happening on Friday? Have you got it booked? Do you know this is happening? Are you going to be attending because I'm going to be attending?” What am I doing? I'm promoting something to you. So a real pro in network marketing always promotes, is in a promotion mode all the time.

Item number two, produce. Hey, talk is talk, but actions speak louder than words. Are you producing? Are you doing the income producing activity? Are you recruiting people all the time? Are you looking for new customers all the time? Are you upgrading the skill level of your team all the time and so on? That's production. Like it's all very well to do Facebook Lives and things like that? But at the end of the day, are you doing the activities that going to produce, like Facebook Lives might be one of those activities, not to say that it can't help you produce? It sure can. But what I'm saying is, are you in a production mode? Or are you in a management mode? Are you in just like, “Don't quit. They told me just don't quit and you will succeed. So I'm not quitting. I'm not quitting. I'm wondering one product every month, I'm not.” Hey, it's okay. It's great that you're not quitting, but it's going to take you 150 years to get results if you go at that pace. You know what I mean? You need to get into gear. So you need to start producing right. So that's number two.

The last one number three is progress. Are you making progress? Are you making progress in your business? You see pros, they're constantly improving. Look at professionals in other professions, doctors, lawyers, accountants, they all the time go into qualification improvement courses, to seminars, to conferences, they reading books. Why? To stay on top of their profession and to keep raising their profession, keep raising their qualification.

Well, you're a network marketing professional now, are you raising your professionalism? Are you investing in yourself? Are you making progress all the time, or are you still working with the strategies that you've learned 20 years ago? Are you still using stuff that you used before internet appeared? You need to look forward, you need to move forward, you need to be progressing with technology, with techniques, with information. And that's mainly done through personal development. So are you doing at least 10, 15, 20 minutes, half an hour of personal development every single day? If you're not, I don't know if you are professional, I don't know if you're looking at it as a pro. So these are the three things I recommend you to do in order to become a real pro in network marketing.

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