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This topic is about, what is influence? So we keep hearing about these influencers and people who with lots of influence. So people think, well, how can I have influence? How can I become an influence?

For many people, influence sounds like maybe manipulating somebody else, maybe having power over somebody, like being a boss to somebody or being a president of a state or something, then you have influence. Like if you get into politics, maybe you'll have influence, and yes, that's type of an influence. But probably that's not the type of influence you're thinking about when you're thinking about being an influencer.

One of the best descriptions of influence that I've ever heard was from john Maxwell. And john Maxwell said that the influence is bringing value to people consistently. That's influence. That's the real influence, bringing value to people consistently. Now you may go, “Now wait a second Gediminas, how is that an influence if you’re giving to people? Isn’t influence about getting from people? Well, not really. Influence is basically when people trust you, when people maybe follow your direction, when maybe people become your fans, when maybe people maybe sharing your stuff, that's influence.

Think about what would be a better way to gain influence, then actually giving value to people, because if I give value to you, not just once, consistently, see the key word, consistently. So if I gave you value consistently, I give you value today, I give you value tomorrow, I'll give you value the day after and every time you're in contact with me, or every time you watch my video, every time you get my email, every time you attend my training, you get value, value, value, value, value, guess what's going to happen. You start trusting me, you start respecting me, you start wanting to hang around with me, because you say, “Well, this person, every time I'm in contact with them, every time I listen to them, every time I watch them, every time I hear them, I learn something. Every time, I get some value.” The more value you can give to people, the more influence you will have over more people.

The key, the name of the game for you if you want to become an influencer, if you want to build an influence, the question you should always be asking yourself is, how can I give people more value? How can I design ways to give more value? How can I find more ways to give value? How can I encourage other people to give more value and so on? Like if you're going to meet somebody, if you're going to have a virtual meeting or a face to face meeting with somebody, when you're going to meet that person, instead of thinking on how to make them do what I want to do, just ask yourself, how can I bring this person value?

How can I give this person value? Anybody you want to be friends with, if I want to be friends with Karolis, all I have to do, is given loads of value. If I give him value, value, value, value, he'll be friends with me. I will have some sort of influence over him because I provided value to him. And that's the name of the game guys. That's how you become an influencer, not by a status, not by a title, not by a position, you become an influencer by giving enough people enough value, and think of some of the biggest business people in the world, think of some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world. What have they done? They've given the most amount of value.

Think of somebody like Gary Vaynerchuk, is he an influencer? Totally, like loads of people follow him, loads of people are his subscribers, but what does he do? He gives crap loads of value. He does videos, audios, books, everything like the guy is relentless. Like he's everywhere, and he's given so much value and so many people have learned from him and benefited from him that he's become one of the most influential people on social media. And that's how you become an influencer.

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