What is FEAR?

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I want to talk about fear and why fear stops so many people in their tracks, so many people in their lives from achieving their dreams and their ambitions. We're going to talk about the horrible word fear. So what is fear? Different people have different ideas of what fear is, but in reality what fear is, it is anticipation of pain.

That's what it basically is. So it's knowing that, “Oh, I'm going to get hurt here or if I touch this, is going to burn me. If I go there, I might fall. If I say this, they might reject me. If I invite them, they might laugh at me.” So fear is basically anticipation of pain. So if it is anticipation of pain, then is it in the now in the present? Or is it in the future? If you anticipate pain, it is in the future.

The fear is actually in the future. So if it is in the future, is it real? Or is it made up? It's made up because future doesn't exist. You do realize that, future only exists in your head. Like tomorrow doesn't exist. Like if I asked you, raise your hand tomorrow. Come on. Now raise your hand tomorrow. Can you raise your hand tomorrow now? You can't. And tomorrow, guess what day is going to be tomorrow? When you wake up tomorrow? It's going to be today. I tried it before, I wait until tomorrow and then I wake up tomorrow and it's today again. Amazing?

Tomorrow doesn't actually exist tomorrow is in your head. So fear is anticipation of pain, which means it's anticipating that something will happen in the future which doesn't exist, which is only in your imagination. You understand that fear is only in your imagination.

And I shared this quote today, and I want to just read it out because it is really, really cool quote is by Mark Twain, and it says, “I've had thousands of problems in my life, most of which never happened. I had thousands have problems in my life, most of which never happened.” What does he mean? Because most of it, he imagined that it will happen. And same thing happens in your life in your business because you imagine, oh, they might laugh at me, oh, they might react badly, oh, I might miss out, or I might lose something. And you keep imagining these things, which probably will never happen.

Think about all the things you've been worried about, all the things you had anxiety about? Most of those things never happened in your life. But you were worried nevertheless, because it's all in your head. So you have to understand that your conditioned mind is like a century on a ship. Its job is to warn of danger. So your mind is a survival mechanism. Like your minds job is not to make you successful, your minds job is not to make you rich, your minds job is not to help you achieve your wildest imagination and wildest dreams. No, your minds job is to keep you out of danger, is to keep you away from pain.

So it's like an overly protective mother that is worried of everything, “Oh, don't go outside or don't go to strangers. Don't do this because they might be dangerous.” And some things might be dangerous, really. But most of them aren't. Most of them is just in our head. Most of them is just something that we imagined that it could happen. And the worst thing that our mind does, is this thing called ‘what if,’ but what if they laugh at me? What if they ridiculed me? What if I fail or what if it doesn't work out, and it constantly goes off, what if this? What if this? What if this?

And your mind is the greatest soap opera script writer in the world. It makes all of these scenarios where it all can go horribly wrong, where your babies might get switched, and things like that, but reality is that most of that stuff never happens. Reality is when you speak to most people, they will not ridicule you, they will not attack you, they will not harass you, they will not hate on you.

Most of the time, they'll just say yes or no, they don't care enough to ridicule you. They don't care enough to reject you. It's really, really simple, but you have to understand that your mind doesn't make up reality. It makes up stories and interpretations of that reality and then you live by it. So the fear that you have, most of the time, it’s not real, you have learned that fear, because there's only two fears that a baby is born with. One is the fear of loud noise. And the second is the fear of falling. That's the only two fears that a child is born. Everything else, we learn to be scared of, everything else, we learned to be worried about and to be anxious about.

Now, fear, doubt, worry are the greatest obstacles to your happiness and success. Fear, doubt and worry are the greatest obstacles to your happiness and success because a lot of people let fear to stop them because they anticipate the pain, they anticipate the failure, they let this future imagination, this fake thing that is not actually real to stop them. So you have to understand that successful people are not people who don't feel fear. They also feel fear. They also feel the butterflies in the belly, but they act in spite of fear. They act in spite of fear. And when somebody acts in spite of fear, it's called, what is it called guys? It's called courage. It's called courage.

When somebody act in spite of fear, when somebody feels the fear and does it anyway, when somebody feels the fear, and does that Facebook Live anyway, when somebody feels the fear and still chats up that stranger, when somebody feels the fear and still sends that WhatsApp message or that Facebook message, when somebody feels that fear and still puts that post up? That's when the courage happens. Do you understand that courage could not happen if there was no fear? Because how could you be courageous if there was nothing to be scared of, how could you be courageous if there was no fear? So courage actually can only take place when you act in the presence of the fear because otherwise it wouldn't be courage, would it?

Courage is okay to act with fear. So it's being okay to act when you feeling fear, that's when you're courageous. So the next time you feel fear, you have two choices. And that's very important to understand that you always as a human being, you always have a choice. When next time when you're faced with fear, you have two choices, you can either stop and let it stop you from progressing, or you can take action, take courage and take action in spite of fear.

And that's how you make the winning happen in your life. That's how you make the progress in your life when you're acting in spite of it because most of those things is just your own protective mind creating all these scenarios that will never actually happen. So don't worry about it, understand that it's just a figment of your imagination, and it's just anticipation, is just your mind trying to protect you and it's okay because sometimes if you put yourself in very dangerous situation, it's good to be scared of something. It's good to be stopped, but 99% of the time, it doesn't really serve you and you just need to act in spite of that fear.

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