What is FEAR?!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to talk about fear. Not a very nice topic maybe to talk about, but important to talk and maybe you will get some value from this call today. So what is fear?

That's the title of today's topic. And I wanted to talk about fear just for a few moments. So there is two meanings that you can give to fear. The first meaning which I think a lot more people give to the fear is forget everything and run. FEAR stands for forget everything and run. And that's what a lot of people do. When they get exposed to stressful situations or fearful situations like right now, when it's uncertain, it's unstable, it's worrying, they give in to the fear, they give in to the fear, then they forget everything and run, they run to hide, they start panicking, they stop doing everything they've been taught up until today.

They forget all the information that they've learned up until today, and they drop everything, and just worry and just panic and just watch the news, all the negativity. And that's one course of action, which I think is very ineffective. It's very unresourceful, because I believe that you are better than that. You've learned a lot more than that, you've grown up to be a lot more than that. So you have a lot of resources in you, in order to act more efficiently in order to respond to the situation a lot more effectively. Instead of panicking, instead of worrying, instead of putting your head in the sand and forgetting everything and running, you can do something else. And that's the second meaning to fear. So the first one, FEAR stands for forget everything and run.

The second one which I like more, which I prefer personally, stands for face everything and rise, face everything and rise. That's what FEAR should stand for you. If you're watching my videos, that's what you should think about fear, face everything and rise. Don't forget everything and run, face everything and rise. What does it mean? It means don't just go through this, grow through this. Don't just go, “Oh, we got to survive. We got to survive somehow this bad time?” No. How can you thrive in the spirit so that at the other end, you come out not all banged up and badge them and go, “Oh, we survived.” Well, you come out victorious, you come out saying, “Oh my gosh, this is actually the best thing that ever happened to me. I am crushing now, I'm making double amount of money. I'm more effective, I’m more happy, I’m more satisfied with my life. I'm rocking and rolling.”

That means face everything and rise, use everything you've learned up until today, all the information you've gathered up to do to execute, to put into practice, to put into action what you need to put in action, in order to succeed, in order to thrive, in order to grow. There's so many opportunities even now, even if you have to sit indoors, even if you have to stay at home, there is so much you can do to improve your life, psychologically, financially, health wise. So use this time, don’t be a victim, be a victor. Don't just be somebody who survives, be a champion that comes out the other end saying, “I did this, I’ve earned that.” Be that person.

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