What if your prospect can’t afford it?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, January 23, 2020 Under: Personal Development

When you speak to somebody about a possibility of joining your business, some people may say, “Oh, I can't afford it, I don't have money for that, I don't have money to start my own business.” And it's a common misconception, and it's a common thing to say, but there's a very clever or good way to approach this challenge, if you having somebody saying to you, “Oh, I can’t afford it.”

So let's say to start with your company, it takes hundred pounds, 200 pounds, 300 pounds, maybe 400 pounds, it's not going to be astronomical amount, because it's network marketing. It’s not like traditional business where you have to invest 10s of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds, network marketing usually takes a couple of hundred pounds.

If I'm talking to somebody about a possibility of starting the home based business, about a possibility them having a time freedom, so they can spend more time with their kids, with their family, more time travelling, more time doing things that they want and more money basically, a possibility earning twice as much, three times as much, four times as much as they earning now. So if I'm speaking to somebody and they like the idea and they would like to become financially free, they'd like to have their own business, but then they say, “Oh, I can't afford two, three, four hundred pounds to get started.”

My question to them, I'm not going to try and fight the idea of them not being able to afford it, but what I'll do, I'll ask that person, I'll say, “Okay, hang on, hang on, let me just understand correctly. So you been--” Let's say, the person is accountant, or let's say the warehouse operator, or let's say they are cleaner, that doesn't really matter what they do. So I’ll ask them, I’ll say, “Okay, so how long you been working in that particular job?”

And let's say the person says, “Well, I've been working in that job for 10 years.” So let me get this right. “You've been working at that job for 10 years and you can't afford 200, 300 pounds to start your own business. That alone should be like a red flag for you. That alone should be a concern for you.”How come after working 10 years in this job, I can’t afford 200, 300 pounds to start my own business? And if that is the case, something is wrong? And the question is, how many more years do you want to keep working in that job where you can’t afford 200, 300 pounds to start your own business? How long do you want this to continue to go on?

Well, I don't want it to continue to go. Great. So let's change something. Let's do something. Let's lock arms and let's work this business. Because guess what everybody can afford 200, 300 pounds to join a business is just the person has to see that it's a priority that they need to do it. Because if their washing machine broke down, would they be able to replace it?

If the answer is yes, that means they can afford to join your business too is just whether they see your business opportunity as a priority, whether they see a potential in your business opportunity, whether they believe they could do this, you understand what I'm saying? Everybody can afford it, but we need to really identify the fact that they've been working in their job for how many years and they haven't had that breakthrough.

They haven't achieved the financial freedom. So how many more years do they want to carry on working in that dead end job and not have the financial freedom until they make a decision to start their own business and change that pattern and do achieve the financial freedom and have the all the things that they wanted to have in their life? Does that make sense, guys, I hope this makes sense.

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