What if you reach out to someone and they are already in Network Marketing?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, February 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about what to do if you reach out to somebody on social media and they’re already in network marketing.

In this blog, I want to talk about what to do if you reach out to somebody on social media and they’re already in network marketing or even if you reach out to them in the real world out there and they’re already in network marketing, “Ah, damn it.” So one, the temptation very often is to say, “Ah, your company's shit, my company's better, my deal is better, mine pays more.” But very often isn’t going to work out because that person likes the company they're working with, especially if they’re getting results and everything, there's no point for you to try and fight the now to leave their company and come to your company. It's hard, it's not very ethical and it's bad energy.

Whereas instead what I would recommend you to do is if you reach out to somebody and they’re already in another network marketing company, go, “Hey, that's awesome. Would you like to become my customer? Would you like to try some of my products and I might try some of your products.” So this way, you're not fighting against them because again, too many people in network marketing look at other network marketing companies and other network marketing people as enemies, as competitors, which we are not, we’re actually colleagues, we are colleagues in the same industry.

We're not competitors, we're not enemies, we can all live together happily ever after and just use each other services, use each other's products because I might have a product that you don't have and you might have a product that I don't have. So we can even barter, like I love bartering products right?

Like same value, I give you my product for 50 pounds, you give me your products for 50 pounds. Let's exchange because you need volume in your business, I need volume in my business, so why be enemies, why fight each other? Why say, “Ah, your company's not great, my one is better, quit yours come to mine.” Why do that? Why don't instead just go, “Hey, look, I've got amazing product, I'd love you to try it and I bet you got an amazing product, can I try yours? Let's exchange. Let’s try to this products and have something.” So this way, there's no bad energy. There is no bad ethics. There's no misleading the people or anything like that. And then everybody is a colleague and we can grow together instead of fighting each other and pulling each other down and things like that.

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