What actions should a new person in network marketing take?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about what actions a brand new business partner in network marketing should take.

Very often people ask me, what should a new person in business do? What are the most important actions? What are the most important things to do for the brand new person? Well, there's a few things that definitely a brand new person should do. And actually, any person in network marketing should do.

Action number one, use the product, because if you're not using your own company's products, it’s game over. Don't even start, don't even waste your time, because if you're not going to use your own products, you aren’t going to be recruiting, you will struggle with sales, and it's just going to be a hard experience for you. First step should be always use your products.

Number two, share your progress, which means recommend your products to other people, sell them. And the easiest way to recommend products to other people is to use your products publicly. If you use your products at work, if you use your products when friends are around, if you use your products when other people see you on social media, people will notice and they will naturally ask, “Oh, what is that you’re drinking? What is that you're using? What is that you're applying?” And then it gives you an opportunity to share with them what product you're using, that it's your business, and that you're using it and offer it to them to buy too.

Action number three, offer the business opportunity to other people. If you decided to join this business, probably you want to make some extra money. Do you think you're unique? Do you think you're the only person in the world who wants to make extra income? Of course not. There's plenty of other people who also need an extra income. Action number three should be you recommending to people whether online on social media or face to face or the phone, recommending them, asking them, “Would you be open to take a look at an opportunity to earn extra income from home.” And recommend them your business opportunity. Maybe show them the presentation video.

Action number four is then teach your team members to do one, two, three. Once you've recruited somebody in the business, you teach them how to use the product, how to recommend the product, and how to recommend the business. Don't just assume that they will know what to do. Don't just assume that they will have all the information necessary. Teach them everything step by step.

Action number five is personal development. Motivation is the fuel in our business. And some people say, “Oh, motivation doesn't last.” You go to an event few days ago, bye, and you the motivation is gone. Very true. I agree with that. But the shower doesn't last either. That's why you take the shower every day. Personal development is your way of giving a wash to your brain. Brainwash. In order to keep the motivation high every day, you need to do personal development every single day.

Number six, action number six is cause action where action wouldn't have happened. Once you start building a team, once you start building a customer base, some of those customers maybe would have not ordered anything this month, some of those team members maybe would have done anything this month. You contacting those people and saying to them, “Hey, have you seen this discount on this product? Have you seen this new product launch? Have you seen this incentive program? Have you seen this training happening?” You telling them about something exciting happening in your business or your products, maybe will cause them to take an action maybe to purchase a product, maybe to attend an event, maybe to go recruit somebody, maybe to do something else. You causing action where action wouldn't have happened, that should be action number six.

Final action number seven, is promoting events. A brand new person in business should always work using the events, because if you're brand new, you probably don't know everything about the business, you're not really sure how to answer all the questions. What you should be doing is you should be bringing all the people to events, presentations, trainings, conferences, the company events. Action number seven should be bringing people to the events and building your business from event to event. These are the seven actions for a brand new person in network marketing should do if they want to get really good results.

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