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So let me ask you this question. If you had your own grocery store, and you know it has those shutters that come up, would you keep the shutter down? Probably you wouldn't. You would open the shutter every single morning. Why? Because, you know if you don't open the shutter, nobody can walk into your shop. And nobody can buy something from you. And a point of having a shop is to sell stuff. So the point is that people would buy things. This is obvious. Everybody understands that. 

So it's clear and it's like stupid even to talk about it, but when it comes to network marketing, a lot of people they join network marketing, they fill the registration form, they buy the starter kit and then they become network marketing SECRET AGENTS. They don't tell anybody they’re doing it, they hide the sample kit in the cupboard under the sink. They zip their mouths and they keep it a secret and they hope that one day, somebody comes, knocks on the door and asks, “Hey, I heard you’re helping people to make extra money. Can I join your team?” Or, “Hey, I heard you’re selling these amazing products. Can I buy some from you?” Is that going to happen? Of course not. 

So if today you haven't spoken to anybody about your products, and you haven't spoken to anybody about your business, your shop was closed today. The shutters were down, it’s shut, nobody can even access your shop. If the whole of this week you haven't spoken to anybody about your business or your products, then guess what? Then your shop was closed the whole week. If it's been a month since you actually shared this business with somebody or shared the products with somebody, then for the whole month, the shutters were down and your shop was closed. Now let me ask you a question. If you had your shop closed for a month, how much would you expect to earn? If you had a grocery store, you had the shutters down for the whole month, how much would you expect to earn. You wouldn't expect to earn anything, which is totally cool. You wouldn't expect to earn any money, because the shutters were down, because the shop was closed, but there are people in network marketing who join a business, buy the sample kit, then do nothing for half a year and then they go, “The business doesn't work. I didn't make any money. The products don't sell. I didn't make any money.” And I go, “You what, how many people have you spoken to?” “Well, I haven’t spoken to anybody but the business doesn't work.” 

It's just insane. There’s so many people who are sitting around in network marketing and hoping that one day by thanks to some miracle, they'll become a diamond and start making 100,000 a year. How on earth is that possible? This business is called network marketing, the keyword being WORK, it's not net sit around marketing, not hang around marketing, not wait marketing, not net don't just quit marketing. It's called net WORK marketing which means you have to put in some work, what's the work in network marketing? Do you have to hire an office and have a call centre with customer service team? No, the company takes care of that. Do you need to hire our huge warehouse, stock the products and have the people working in a warehouse packaging? No, the company takes care of that. Do you have to run payroll and pay thousands of people within your team, calculate how much commission do they get, no, the company sorts that out. Do you have to invent new products, think of new combinations and new techniques to do products and new packaging ways, no, the company takes care of that. Do you get it? Like if you had a traditional business, all of what I just mentioned and another thousand things you would have to take care of yourself. 

In this business work is when you basically go, “Hey, would you take a look at my products? Hey, would you take a look at my business?” That's it. That's how hard this business is, asking people, “Hey, would you be open? And if no, no big deal.” Ask. If they're open, give them an out. That's all, that's how difficult, that's work. And still, some people don't do anything. It's insane. So once again, let me ask you a question. Has your shop been closed today? Has your shop been closed this week? Has your shop been closed this month? And if it has, you don't need to answer. If it has, then you need to get on it. You need to start changing it. You need to start talking to people. Worst thing you can do what most network marketers do, they get addicted to the outcome. So they’re like, “Okay, I'll start asking, I'll start asking people about the product, if they’ll take a look at my product, I'll start asking if they take a look at my business.” And as soon as somebody goes, “No, I'm not interested.” They go, “Ah, I knew it's going to happen. They’re not interested, my life is over.”

What, that's just crazy. Like you are psycho if you're doing it and most network marketers are doing it because think about it. If you were working as a waiter and you’re serving people, so you come to a table, you serve their food, you bring the food, you bring their drinks, etc, they have the dinner and then you come after the dinner and you ask, “Hey, guys, would you like a dessert menu?” And they go, “Oh, no, sorry, we’re full.” Do you go to the back and go, “Ah, I quit. Enough, I can’t do this business because they don't buy it dessert for me.” Or you just go, “All right.” And go to the next table. That's what you would do because you are sane person working as a waiter, but people start working in network marketing, they start building the business and they ask their girlfriend, “Hey, would you join my business?” And she goes, “No, it’s not for me, I'm not interested.” “Why? I helped you move. I helped you raise your kids. I bought Girl Scout cookies from you. Why are you not joining my business?” Are you insane? Why would you do that? 

Instead, ask if they're open, give them an out. “Hey, would you be open to earn extra income and if no, no big deal?” “Yeah, I would.” “Awesome, come on, I’ll show you how.” “No, sorry, I'm okay.” “Totally cool, how's the kids?” You don't behave like psycho. You don't go cutting your veins because somebody hasn’t joined your business, because there's like, how many people, like 7 billion people on this planet? You aren’t going to run out of people to talk to. I promise you that. It's enough people in this world for your business. So ask if they're open, give them out. It's that simple. “Hey, would you take a look video about my business and if no, no big deal.” And if they go, “Yeah.” You go, “Here's a video.” They watch the video, then what do you do? You ask, “What did you like the best?” “Well, I like that.” “Cool. Sounds like you're ready to join.” That's it. That's how hard your work in network marketing is.

It's super simple, but you have to do the activities, you have to take action, you have to roll up those shutters and the only way to roll up those shutters is by starting to talk to people. Stop being a network marketing secret agent, nobody's going to come to you. You need to go to people, you need to start talking to people, you need to start sharing. And again, before network marketing, you knew how to talk to people, you used to ask for directions, you used to ask for recommendations, you used to talk to people, but since you joined network marketing, all of a sudden, you forgot how to communicate with people. You forgot how to talk to people. You go, “How do I start the conversation, do I mention my product first or do I mentioned my business?” Just talk to people, just say hi and talk to people, like try to make a conversation with people, it's not very difficult. I promise you, it's totally not difficult, if you just talk to people. So that's my message for today. Keep your shop open. Keep your business open and the only way you do that in network marketing is by talking to people. Share your products with people, share business with people and see how your business will start growing. 

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