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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

Today’s blog is special formula, W = P x T. What does it mean? What does it mean?

Well, what it means is that Wealth = Physical resources x Technology. You see, we are in incredible day and age where things are changing so fast, new technologies appearing so fast, that it is amazing to watch. Things that have taken hundreds of years to come about and now taking place every couple of years. So the technology is speeding up, the progress is speeding up. So it's really, really interesting to watch it. And therefore nowadays, one of the biggest things for you to look at or for you to work on, is what is called technology gap. Now, what is technology gap?

Well, technology gap is the gap between the way you do things now and how you could do them better. And nine times out of 10 that is to do with technology. So technology could be the hardware, like using a different phone or a different computer or different internet provider, etcetera. So that's technology. Technology could also be software, things like using a certain app or using certain social network, etcetera or technology could be a technique, using different technique to maybe communicate with people, maybe to sell, maybe to recruit people into business, and so on. So one of the keys when you look at companies that do extremely well when you look at individuals that do extremely well, is that they are using technology to their advantage. They're using technology to make progress.

They’re using technology to get there faster than everybody else. So the tasks for you, as an entrepreneur, as a home based business owner, as a network marketer is to look at the way you do things and ask yourself a question, could I do it better? Could I do it more efficiently? Could I do it faster? Could I do it that more people respond to me? Could I do it in a way that more people say yes to me? Could I do it in a way that attracts more people that make more people curious and that could be using social media better, could be using your communication skills better, and so on.

And so there's so many different ways, like a simple example would be where you can sit down and just spam people which we know is not very effective. Another way would be, you use some communication skills where you can communicate with people more effectively when more people will respond to you, if you send certain messages that are not spam my, and so on, you know what I mean? So it's always about looking for ways how I can do it better, whatever I'm doing, how can I improve? And of course, part of that is personal development.

So you when you study and when you go to trainings, you learn new things and new ideas, but also just trial and error is just trying different things,
  is trying to see, okay, well, I'm on this phase, or I’m on this Instagram, or what could I do differently? What could I do more interestingly, what could I do that would pique more people's curiosity and see what happens use the technology, especially the new emerging things, that are brand new, and not many people using it try to use those things because this might give you that advantage and that urge against most other people who are slow to change.

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