Using the BIC in Network Marketing

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, November 11, 2018 Under: Personal Development
Have you ever prospected someone face to face or over the phone and they said "Well, what is it? Tell me now"

Obviously you do not want to do a presentation over the phone or at the bus stop so how to you avoid people asking for more information there and then instead of looking at the video or another tool that you send them. If you avoid answering their "What is it?" question it may look like you are hiding something and that will raise their suspiciousness. So what can you do?

You can use the BIC - a BREAK IN COMMUNICATION. 

Because you know they will ask you that question you can preempt that by building in a BIC in the beginning of your prospecting process so that it reduces amount of resistance and questions. This is how it would sound like:


"Hey, I am about to jump on the conference call but I have to say you have given me a really great service, you are a very nice person and I can see how professional you are. I am actually looking for people like you to work together. It may be for you or may not be for you at all, but I am just curious, if I sent you a video about an opportunity to earn extra income from home would you be open to take a look at it? If not then no big deal."

Now if after this they still say "Well, what is it?" I can just say "Hey, like I said I'm about to jump on a call so I can't really explain and the video would do much better job anyway, could I just send it to you?"

Because I have in built it at the beginning of the prospecting pitch they will not think that I am just making it up to avoid answering their question because how could I have possibly known that they will ask that question, right?

Over the phone

"Hey John, I am about to go but it was really important that I catch you, I have started this really exciting project and I am not sure if it would be for you or not, but I am just curious, would you be open to take a look at a video about how you could develop a side income from home without it interfering with what you currently do? If not then no bi deal too."

Again if they ask any question I just repeat that I am in a rush and that it would be easier just to send the video.

Always use the tools provided and DO NOT present the business yourself as it is not duplicatable. Everyone can show a video but not everyone can do presentation by themselves. If you try to present yourself some people will not join your business simply because they will think that if they join they will have to be doing presentations too!

Here is a video where I go into more detail:

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