Using the “itch cycle” and “orphan adoption” in your business

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I want to talk about two interesting concepts that you might find quite interesting and useful to grow even bigger business. Two concepts that I want to share with you.

First one is the age cycle. Successful businesses use the age cycle and they get a lot more business. So what is age cycle? Well every now and then people will start ageing for a particular product. So for example, people who buy a brand new car usually start ageing for a new car in about three years from buying one. So clever car dealers know that and when it's about two years and 8-10 months, guess what they do, they start emailing you, they start inviting you to open days, they start inviting you to test drive a new car because they know very soon you will start ageing to buy a new car because you sort of got fed up with your old world, etc. And if they use that age cycle very often you'll buy a new car from them .Same with homes people who buy a brand new house usually within five or so years they start being ready to buy a bigger house, a nicer house in a nicer area.

So that's again, an age cycle on the house and real estate agents know that as well. So if you bought a house and when it comes to five and a half years, five years and 10 months, they might reach out to you say Hey how's it going, I wanted to show you a few interesting properties in your area maybe you like something etc. And when they start taking you around new houses  you start aging for a new one and they go they sell you one, now no matter what business you are in your product will also have an age cycle. Some of you have products that are a lot less expensive than cars and houses.

Therefore, the cycles might be much quicker. So your customers might start ageing every month for a new product or maybe your customers might start eating every few weeks for a new product. If you know that you can start working around that, one of the biggest mistakes people make they make a sale to somebody and they expect this person to call them asking for more products, they expect this person to call them asking to take a look at the capital and maybe they have got something else that they could buy. Most people are too lazy to do that, they will be next time at the supermarket or at a duty free airport and they will just buy something else they are not going to contact you, they don't want to chase you and look after you.

It's too much of offer everywhere around being bombard they don't have time to chase you as a salesperson, you need to be chasing them. Find a way in a hopefully, preferably in a creative way, not just keep calling  them hey do you want to buy more stuff but even that would work but if you get creative with it maybe some special offers, gifts, sampling, experiences or whatever. Where you can get them to start ageing for a new product maybe you will say, Hey, we doing this pampering event maybe you would like to come and just enjoy testing our cosmetics or maybe you might say I'm doing this trial run or food supplements would you like to try a three, five, ten day trial of our food supplement program and once the person has tried they might go, you know what, I'd love to try that, get the product and actually do it for real, that's the first strategy, it's called the age cycle.

So figure out what's the age cycle for your products and start getting back in touch with those customers. It's much harder to find a new customer then get an existing customer to repurchase again that’s why when you buy from big companies like Amazon and E-Bay and so on they will start bombarding you with emails in with offers and everything because they know  once you get your credit card out it's much easier to get you to pull that card again with them than to find a brand new customer who's never spent any money with that, so use that as well don't miss out on that.

The second strategy is called often adoption and again if you will be building your network marketing business for a while it's almost guaranteed that somebody will leave your business at some point people get distracted, married, divorced, new jobs, lose jobs, get ill, and all sorts of things happens and people get to distracted and they stop doing their network marketing business.

However, sometimes people stop doing network marketing business after they have invited a bunch of people to the business. Once that person leaves the business all of the people they invited they become the orphans because now they don't have sponsor anymore and very often because the person who invited those people stops doing the business becomes inactive they disappear from the radar, the people they invited tend to stop doing business as well because they sort of got involved because of that person and now that that person is not doing the business anymore, they decided not to do it as well because they don't know where to get information from and so on and they basically just sort of disappeared into a base of network marketing.

If you're a clever leader, you're not going to make that mistake; you're going to use this strategy called the orphan adoption. So if you ever have a person who invited a bunch of people leave the business or stopped doing the business, not a problem give those people a call and say, "Hey Sally, Tom, who originally invited you to the business is no longer with us is no longer active in the business. However, I'm one of your team members too and I'm here to look after you and support you and help you with whatever you want. Would you mind sharing with me why did you join the business? Did you want it to make some extra money or did you want to use great quality products?"' What was the reason and start building a relationship with those people and take over, adopt these orphans, that somebody else left and start building business with them, and you can go in depth and very often you can find really amazing people that were just left, nobody really looked after them because the person who invited them stopped doing the business, became inactive, disappeared and those people were sitting there thinking, I thought it was a great business.

But like I've got nobody to work with, as a sponsor, don't be shy. Work in depth call people on your second, third and fourth and fifth level, and introduce yourself to them and tell them I'm here if you ever need help, if you ever need support, feel free to reach out to me. I would love to meet you for a cup of coffee and tell you more about our business, show you more about what we have done, show you more of the products etc. I'd love to work with you. And you'll be surprised how many people will go, "Oh, wow, amazing. I thought that's it, I thought I've got nobody to talk to but it's great to know that you are here." Because you can see your downline report your downline, can't see upline.

So all they knew was the person who invited them and if that person became inactive, they don't know anybody else offline, do that orphan adoption and always whenever somebody leaves the business or whenever somebody becomes inactive adopt their orphans, adopt the people they have invited and build a relationship with them because they might want to build a fantastic business.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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