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I want to talk about Mastermind Alliance, what it is and why it's important for you and your business. I wanted to talk about Mastermind Alliance and that's not a brand new idea. It's an idea that's been around longer than me or you being alive. But it's an incredible way for you to grow yourself, grow your mind and expand your business in ways you cannot even imagine. So what is a Mastermind Alliance?

Mastermind Alliance is a group of likeminded people, where people share ideas, and bounce ideas off of each other to help each other grow, to help each other's businesses grow, to help each other's success increase, because you can't be the smartest person in every single field, you can't be expert in everything. And even if you try is going to be very difficult.

Would you agree with that? You can't be the best in technology, and the best public speaker and the best trainer and the best salesman and the best communicator and the best customer service person and the best at everything, you agree with that? Usually, you're probably going to be great at some things, and not so great at other things.

If you try to be perfect and to be best at everything, usually, you'll just become average across the board in all of those things. But if you focus on your own natural abilities, and you find other people who are great at other things, and you'll form a Mastermind Alliance, where you can share ideas and help each other out, this way your business can really increase.

And one of the greatest examples, and this is Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin group of companies, and he has airlines, he has record stores, he has sports clubs, and from ages that, you name it, he has a variety of different businesses. And when they asked him, they say, “How do you become so successful in all of these different businesses, because how can you be an expert in music, but also be an expert in airline and also be an expert in fitness clubs, and so on?” And he says, “I'm not an expert in any of those. I just hire the best people. And I put them to run those companies.” And I went like, “Wow, how powerful is that?”

You don't have to be the best at everything, you just have to surround yourself with people who are the best at different things. And that's why Mastermind Alliance can come in so handy. So whatever type of business you're in, obviously, most of the people who watch my videos are in network marketing, are in home based business, you could form a Mastermind Alliance within your own company.

So with your leaders, with your greatest people in your business, you could form a group where you would meet up once a week, maybe a few times a week, to sit and share ideas, to bounce off our thoughts and ideas of each other. Or you might even form a Mastermind Alliance across companies. It might be people from different kinds of businesses, but you meet up again and share ideas and there's different kinds of places like that, like breakfast clubs, the BNI and things like that, which is a form of that, but that's more to sell what you've got to sell and to get business from other people.

But what if you had a group of people who mess up not to sell to each other, not to gain from each other financially, but to share ideas, but to brainstorm concepts and ideas and best practices on what to do in order to move to the next level, what to do to get more customers, what to do to recruit more people, what to do to provide better customer service. And if all of you throw your ideas into one big pile, can you imagine the benefit that each person can get from that? Unbelievable, and that's my friends is one of the greatest secrets of business. If you want your business to grow, you might start thinking about making your own Mastermind Alliance.

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