UNSUPPORTIVE spouse in Network Marketing?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, October 22, 2018 Under: Network Marketing
I come across this issue quite often in network marketing. Either husband or wife of the person doing network marketing is not supporting them. 

When this happens you have two choices. Wither give up the business because of the lack of support or keep going in spite of the lack of support. 

Very often however, I notice the lack of support from the partner is because of lack of action and results from the person doing network marketing. If your partner is not supporting you the chances are you have been in network marketing for ages and haven't made any money and your partner sees network marketing on as a 'black hole' that keeps swallowing money instead of earning it.

Once you start getting results you will see how your partner will start supporting you. Once you start getting thousands of pounds in passive income every month, qualify for that free car from the company and start getting free holiday incentives for the whole family, your partner will become your biggest fan!

So what should you do if your partner is not supporting you now? The answer is TAKE ACTION. Start selling, start recruiting, start growing your business with your hair on fire! Once you get your business into momentum everything will change and you will start receiving support from your partner and everyone else in your life whose support is important for you.

Here is an interview I done with a lady who is a six figure a year earner in network marketing whose husband also did not support her when she first started. By the way now he is her biggest fan and says "I am so glad you didn't listen to me at the beginning when I told you not to do this business"


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