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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about making content.

Very often when I speak to people and they say, “Oh my gosh Gediminas, you did over 600 videos on your Facebook live, how do you get all of these ideas for content. The title of this blog is turn your ideas into content. And very often when I speak to people and they see how many Facebook Lives I've done and how many other videos I've done on YouTube and so on, they say, “Oh my Gosh Gediminas, how do you come up with all of this content?” But to be quite honest with you, it's much easier than I thought it would be because all I do is I turn ideas into content.

Now you might say, “Oh, very good for you Gediminas because you have so many ideas.” Trust me, you have those ideas too, the only difference is that you're not organized with them. The only difference is that you're not disciplined how you treat them. If you don't respect a good idea, then you don't get another one.

One habit that I developed some time ago, is to take notes. So whenever I'm reading a book, I'm taking notes. If I'm at a training event, I'm taking notes, if I'm speaking to people, I'm taking notes. On my desk, there's always a notepad and a pen. Whenever I’m in a meeting, I always have a pen and paper so that I can write things down. I'm always taking notes.

Why am I doing that? Because that's the ideas. So very often, a topic for my video might be something that I was speaking to a team member and a team member says, “Oh, by the way Gediminas, I have this question.” I go, “Other people might also be interested in learning about this thing.” Or I'm speaking to a leader, and they say, “Oh, I have this challenge.” And I'm thinking maybe other people have this challenge.

You’re having these ideas all the time and these ideas are all around you, the only thing is that you just letting them go, you're not taking notes, you're not writing them down. Even if I can't write down sometimes, I'll get my phone out and I'll do the voice note. I'll send myself a voice note, and I'll speak, I'll just say the ideas in the thing, what I just caught, and I put it in a note so that later, it can turn into a video, later, it can turn to a training event, later, it can turn into something else. So ideas are all the time around you. Just get into a habit of writing them down and you'll have so much content, you'll have so many things to talk about in your videos, you can't even imagine.

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