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Today I wanted to talk to you about how to turn your disappointments into your motivation and why to do it. Maybe I'm weird in that way but I'm actually-every time I get disappointments, every time somebody laughs at me, every time somebody doesn't believe in me, every time things go wrong in my life, every time unexpected things happen in my life, it motivates me to work harder. Maybe I'm just crazy that way but for me, every blow that I get makes me work more harder, makes me want to achieve even more, makes me want to succeed even bigger. For some people like Ray Higdon calls them, he calls them cry babies or baby bears. Every time something bad happens, they go, “Oh, that thing happened, because of this I can’t do it and because of that I can’t do it.” Hey, turn those disappointments into motivation.

So if you have a crappy sponsor, if you have somebody talking behind your back, if you have people who don't believe in you, if you have people who are putting you down, then say, “Thank you, because of that, I'm going to crush it, because of that, I'm going to succeed and I'm going to rub your nose in it.” Like Frank Sinatra said, “The best revenge is massive success.” So there's no point for you to cry about it or to be angry about it or to be worrying about it. The only thing that you can do about it is go and crush it, go and succeed, go and smash it and then you can go, “Hey, I told you I'm going to do it. I told you so.” So that's really how driven you should be, if you have a spouse that is not supportive, if you have a spouse that doesn't support you and that doesn't really believe in you, awesome, that's your biggest trainer. That's your biggest mentor because they’re making you tougher skined, they’re making you more resilient, because every time they don't believe in you, every time they laugh at you, every time they don't support you, it just builds you up, it just makes you stronger because if you had it easy, if everybody went, “Yeah, it's awesome, yeah, well done, you’re so amazing.” Then maybe you wouldn't have that motivation to work hard. 

I've never read a story of a successful person or I have never met a successful person who had it easy. Almost all of them had to overcome some challenges in order to become successful, but it's again, like Tony Robbins says, “It's not about what happens to you, it's about how do you respond to what happens to you? How do you react to what happens to you?” So if you hear that somebody is talking behind your back, talking crap about you, one way of doing it and that's what failures do, they will go, “Oh, because of that, I'm not going to do anything now.” What? How is that serving you? “I'm going to show them I'm not going to do anything now.” How does that make anything better? So you're going to stay broke, to prove a point, you're going to stay poor to prove a point. If you are not going to do anything, that's just going to prove a point that they were right about you, that they were whatever but if you hear somebody talking behind your back, one, that means you’re ahead, if somebody is talking behind your back, that means you're already ahead of them because they’re spending their time on things that they shouldn't be spending their time anyway.

Secondly, other people's opinion or view has nothing to do with you. Their opinion is their business, but more importantly, you need to use that as a fuel to propel you, as a fuel to make you go harder, you may go, “Oh, yeah, let me show you. Let me show you what I'm doing.” You know what I mean? So don't allow the disappointments, the challenges, like if you get an unexpected bill, start working harder because if you don't you’ll go, “Oh, you see, there's just life sucks, it's so hard on me, I give up.” No, it's just, again, I don't know how religious you’re, but they say, “When God sends you a present, He wraps it up in challenges, He wraps it up in problems, and whether you’re worthy of the present, whether you’re worthy of the gift, will be determined by if you overcome the challenges, if you unwrap the problems.”

So if you’re not willing to go through the challenges, you're not going to get to the gift and also, it says that life never gives you a challenge that you cannot handle and there's some horrible things that happen in people's lives. Maybe you had a death in the family, maybe you had divorce, maybe you had loads of different things that can happen, maybe you were abused as a child, maybe you had a trauma. There’s loads of bad things that happen in life and I'm not justifying those things but maybe, just maybe you were given those challenges because whoever above, whoever is up there thought that you were strong enough to overcome those challenges and that you would set an example for the people who go through those same challenges. What about that? What if you start thinking in that way, that whatever life throws at me, whatever obstacles, whatever challenges, whatever hits I get in life is all because I can handle them and it's all that I do handle them, I still achieve success despite them and that I inspire other people who go through those same challenges. I inspire other people who go through the same thing. Hmm. Wouldn't that be interesting way of thinking and then you use those things as a motivation. 

So, you realise that your account is a minus, great, that's why I need to work even harder, you realise that your washing machine just broke down, awesome, that's why you need to work harder, you realise there is a training event, and you can't afford to go there, great, that means I need to work freaking harder so that I can make more money and I can go there. Does that make sense to you guys? I hope this is making sense. For me, all of this stuff, all of that bad things, all of the negativity, all the bitching, it just drives me to work harder, it just motivates me to go and crush it even on a bigger level and show them or whoever that, “Hey, this is what I’m made of, I am not going to stop, I am not going to crumble, I'm not going to cry about anything that can challenge me.” Make sense? Hope this makes sense. 

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