The story of the WATCH

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The title of this blog post is the story of the watch.

So, the story goes that there was a granddad who was already in his deathbed and he wants to help his grandchild, but he hasn't got much possessions or anything like that, but he has this old watch. And he says to his grandchild, “Here, take this watch and take it to the pawn shop and see what you could get for it.” Because he knows that the grandchild is struggling, he needs some money. So he tells the grandchild to take the swatch to the pawn shop.

The grandchild goes to the pawn shop, shows it to the guy at the pawn shop, he looks around and goes, “Hey, it's an old watch, it’s been beat up a bit.” He goes, “Well, I'll give you 20 quid for it.” So the grandchild thinks about it and goes, “Actually give it to me I'll go back to my grandfather.” So he takes the watch, goes back to the grandfather and grandfather says, “Grandfather, all he would give is 20 quid for that watch.” And the grandfather says, “You know what? I think it should be worth more so why don't you go to the jeweller tomorrow and see what the jeweller says.”

So the grandchild again takes the watch, goes to the jeweller, shows it to the jeweller and the jeweller takes a look at it and goes, “Mmh, that's actually quite interesting watch etcetera.” The jeweller says, “I'm going to give you 500 pounds for the swatch.” And the grand child goes, “Oh my god, 500 pounds.” Instead of 20 pounds of the pawn shop had offered him. So he goes, “But let me go back to my grandfather.”

He goes back to the grandfather says, “Look, they offered 500 pounds to this watch now at the jeweller.” And the grandfather says, “You know what? Why don't you go to the city tomorrow and take you to the museum. See what they say.” So the grandchild, okay, listens to his grandfather, takes the watch, takes it to the museum next day, and it shows in a museum and the museum says, “Okay, we're going to give you 1.5 million pounds for that, because of its value.”

The grandchild goes, “Oh my gosh.” And he goes back to the grandfather and of course, the grandfather is very happy that the museum offer that value. Now, what's the moral of the story? Well, first of all, the moral of the story that the grandfather he knew that the watch was worth a lot of money, but he wanted for the grandson to find its value. Now, the point of the story is not about the watch, of course, it's about your value. You see your value will depend on the environment that you are in.

The same watch was worth only 20 pounds at the pawn shop, it was 500 pounds at the jeweller and the museum gave 1.5 million for it. It's the same watch, but it's the different environment. So same way you will have different value in different environments. You know what I mean? Very often they say, well, the point is in the seed, but actually the point is in the soil that you put the seed in because if you put the seed in stones, it's not going to grow. When you put the seed in a fertile soil, it's going to grow huge, you know. So it's the environment that you put yourself in.

Because right now, you might be in a bad environment, and your worth is being lowered by the environment you're in. But if you put yourself in a fertile environment, in a good environment, your value can grow massively. So you might be in a job right now, that only pays you the minimum they can pay you without you quitting them, right. But if you get yourself off into a business where you can flourish and do your full potential, your value might grow 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times what you get paid in the job, you might multiply it by 10 by 50 by 100 in a business, simply because you are putting yourself in the environment where you can flourish, where you can reach your full potential, where you can do all that you are meant to do. Does that make sense?

If you put yourself in the right environment, maybe you'll have people who help you feel worth more, who see the potential in you, who see that you are actually amazing person, that you are destined for greatness. You know, not every environment will see that, not every environment will encourage you like that. Not every environment will support your journey towards your dreams, you know what I mean? Someplace some environments will try to push your dreams will try to crush them instead. But we want you to flourish. We want you to succeed. And I think there's no better way for you to flourish and reach your full potential and get the support and encouragement and education than it is in network marketing. It's just incredible is just another league of its own.

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