The second sale is always easier than the first one!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about customers and making sales. So the title of this blog says that the second sale is always easier than the first. Why do I bring this up to your attention?

Well, first of all is because I've seen it time and time and again when network marketers make a huge mistake of always chasing the new business. They like looking for new customers. Where can I find more customers? Where can I find more customers? Where can I find more distributors? Where can I find more distributors, instead of using what they've already got?

Like the big companies like eBay, Amazon, you name it, they know that it's much more expensive to gain a new customer than to sell to existing customer. Once somebody is taking the credit card out, or somebody taking the wallet out and gave you some cash, they are a lot more likely to give you more of it in the future, because they already trust you, they already got your product, they’ve already seen that it's quality, it's much easier to get more sales of the same people than to go and find new customers.

No, am I saying don't look for new customers? Of course not. Am I saying don't look for new business partners. Of course not, keep looking for the new customers, a new business partners, but don't forget the existing database of customers you already have. So go back to those people and give them more offers. Let them know, don’t worry, like, “Oh, maybe I'm going to annoy them.

Maybe it's too much, maybe it's going to irritate them.” Hey, look, better irritate them and get them to whatever quits your group or whatever, then actually not do the sales, because think about it, if a customer has bought products from you, if they are happy with the products they bought from you, if they love the price that they bought those products at, so then you are doing a dis service to that customer by not selling them more. Because they’re going to go somewhere else and buy things more expensively, lesser quality than what they could have gotten from you because you were scared what will they think, you were scared of not irritating. It's just ridiculous, right?

And same goes actually to your team too, yeah, you need to always look for new business partners, but don't forget the ones you already have. They already are in your business. You don't need to convince them to join your business, they’re already in your business, so why not get that person to place another order? Why not get that person to introduce another family member to the business? Why not get that person to come to another training if you can, because they’re already in the team, they’re already in the business. Don't just keep chasing new stuff.

It applies in very many ways. It’s like, you go to McDonald's, and you walk into McDonald's because you just wanted to get a cheeseburger. What happens? They go, “Do you want fries with that?” “Yeah, sure. I'll have that.” “Well, what drink will you have?” “I’ll have a coffee.” Before you know it, you spent like double or triple amount of money that you expected to spend because you go to all of that stuff. Why? Because they up sold you. Because you're already there, you already got your wallet out, you already got your credit card out, you are much easier to sell to.

If you've ever bought any training courses or anything online, what happens? You buy something for $7, you click Proceed, it takes it to the next page and goes hey, before you go, here's another thing that you might like for $27. You go, “Okay, I'll have that.” You get that, they go to the next stage and go, “Oh, before you finish, here's another thing for $100” What are they doing? They're up selling you because you already got your credit card in your hand, you're a lot more likely to buy things. Could you not use that in your business too? Absolutely, somebody is buying a product from you, you can go, “Hey, and with this product, this product goes very well.

And by the way, you might be interested because you're looking after your health, you might be interested in this one, oh and by the way, because you looking after your appearance I can see.” You bundle things up, there are lots more likely to get something else if they already buying something from you. So don't be scared to do up-sell because again, it's not for your benefit. It's not for you to make more money, is for you to provide a better service to your customer. Because if your customer is buying a foundation from you, which is great quality and it's great value for money, then what did you do a better service to that customer by also selling them a great quality mascara, a great quality lipstick, a great quality eye shadow, a great quality shampoo, a great quality shower. You know what I mean?

Like if somebody comes to buy a suit, they want probably to get a matching tie and good
cuff-links and a nice shirt and a nice belt, etcetera. You wouldn't go, “Oh I can’t offer them a belt if they’re buying a suit,” of course you can because it matches the whole thing right? It's better now that they got the suit it looks kind of plain. But if they get the shoes and the belt and the shirt and the tie to match the suit, now they're going oh my Gosh, you know I've got an image now not just the suit.

Same with your products, somebody is buying a perfume from you, could they not get a shower gel to match? Could they not get a hair spray? Could they not get a shampoo, a body lotion, a deal rolling over? You know what I mean? There is so much more service you can provide to your customer if only you open your mouth. If only you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about doing a great service to your customer, right? And then once the customer has bought the products, don't forget to do your customer service. So reach out to the customer a few days later and ask them, “Hey, how are you getting on with the products?” Don't be scared or go, “Oh I have got so many complaints! What if somebody doesn't like it?” It's cool, right? It can happen, right?

Like 200,000 complaints a day should they close as that? No, because they're serving millions of people, right? So out of millions of people, there will be someone happy. It's normal. But most of your customers will be happy and amazed and satisfied and again, this gives you an opportunity to say, “Hey, and by the way, could I add you to my VIP customer group, where you will be the first one to see new products being launched, where you will get extra discounts, where we do competitions and raffles and games and things like that?”  It's my little community. My little girls are my little whatever, right? You know what I mean? Could I also offer you to sample some of our other products now that you liked our perfumes? Could I get you to sample some of our makeup? Now that you liked our makeup could I get you to sample some of our food supplements? Could I get you to sample some of our cleaning products? You know what I mean?

This is just endless, is just endless, but you need to think outside the box and stop always chasing new sale. Stop always chasing the new customer and love on your existing customers. Love on your people love on your tribe and you'll see how they will become not just your customers, they will become your raving fans and that's what you want. You don't want customers. You want raving fans, people who will go out of the way to recommend you to other people who go out of your way to post posts on Facebook about you because they love the experience. It wasn't just the sale.

It was an experience for them and they will be promoting saying, “Oh my Gosh, I've never gotten a service like I got from this lady, you have to go to her.” And I'm sure you've had experiences like that maybe you went to a restaurant that did an exceptional job. Or maybe you went to a hairdresser, or a beautician who did a fantastic job or a massage, you know, therapist or whatever, right? I'm sure in your life, you've received some incredible service. Like, for me, I do a lot of flying, you know, I do a lot of flying internationally, to Africa, to America, to Europe, etcetera and I remember when we flown to Indonesia via Dubai, we flown with Qatar Airways. Oh, my god, did they put the other airlines in the perspective? You know, I now compare every single airline to the experience I had with Qatar, because it just was out of this world. It was like the next level right? I don't know.

Maybe it's just me, but it was amazing, right? So you remember those things. So why don't you become like that? Why don't you become the Qatar of Network Marketing? Why don't you become the standing out company, standing out distributor from everybody else right and then you won't have to worry that your customers will go somewhere else. You won't have to worry that they will buy from somebody else because they love you because they are your tribe.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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