The RICHEST place in the world!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to share with you a very, very quick idea. And the idea is about the richest place on Earth.

So if I asked you to type into the comments, what do you think is the richest place on earth? And you might have different opinions. You might say, well, maybe it's Dubai, or maybe it's this place or maybe it's that place. The richest place in on earth is the cemetery. Now you might say, “What, cemetery, the richest place on Earth.” Hundred percent for sure. Why it's the richest place because of all the things that are buried there. All the dreams, all the ideas, all the inventions, all the beautiful things, unwritten books, unsung songs, uncompleted achievements, it’s the richest place on Earth.

So why do I bring this up? What's the point of it? Well, the point of it, I want to tell this because I don't want you to take your talent, your songs, your books, your achievements, your dreams and your goals to the grave. Don't do that. Make it happen. Realize these things.

So many of you are playing small in your life, you could play so much bigger, you could do so much more, but you've been beaten down in life so many times that you have stopped dreaming that you have stopped aiming high because you've been told continuously by our parents, by your teachers, by your friends, by people around you that, “Oh, be realistic, oh, don't be silly. Oh, you could never do that. Oh, that's impossible. Oh, that's just for special people.”

You've been hearing it for so long in your life that you started believing it, and you stop chasing your dreams, you stop coming up with or using your ideas. I bet you, you probably had an idea for a product that could solve so many people's problems, but you go, “This idea came to me can’t be a good idea.”  And you just get rid of it. And then a few months later, you see this product that you thought of in the shop, somebody else made it and you think Mmh! good idea. I might as well buy this product, you know what I mean? So very often we shoot down the ideas we get, don't do that.

Because getting great ideas is like mining for gold, really does a good idea interrupt you. Its work, you have to mentally work to come up with these ideas. So when you have these ideas, you know, sometimes you wake up and that's the first thing that comes to your head, an idea or sometimes you’re just about to fall asleep. This idea comes, grab a pen and paper, write it down, and then put it in action as soon as possible. If you can, same day, if you can't, the next day, put it in action, start acting on that idea. And you'll see even in your home based business, you'll have ideas, you'll go, “Oh, I could do a post like that.” Do it, don't procrastinate because otherwise, the law of diminishing intent takes effect.

And the law of diminishing intent basically says what, the longer you wait, after the idea came to your head, the less chance is that you're going to put it into practice, the less chance is that you're going to use it, the less chance is that you're going to actually make it into reality. So as soon as you get a good idea, put it in action. As soon as you get a thought, “Oh, I could do this. Or I could write this or I could put this photo,” do it straightaway. Act on it. Don't let it go to waste. Because Hey, if you believe that there is God out there or the universe or ground amazing power, or whatever it is. And this amazing power sends you this idea, and you don't act on it. What will this amazing power say?

Well, what's the point of sending good ideas to this person? They're not using them anyway, you know what I mean? So you get these ideas from the universe or from wherever you believe you get them, take action, put them in practice, try, a lot of them might not work out. But it doesn't matter. You’re using those ideas, you’re developing that muscle of every time you get an idea, you put it in practice, you get an idea, you test it out, you get an idea, you show it to somebody, and you will come up with some amazing stuff you'll see. So always, always, always take action.

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