The REAL statistics of RECRUITING in Network Marketing

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I want to talk to you about the real numbers of recruiting in the network marketing industry. What sort of numbers of recruiting do I want to talk to you about? And what I want to talk to you about is realistically what you can expect when you're bringing people into the business of who they going to be recruiting.

Most people imagine that, "I'm excited about this home based business, I'm going to start inviting people," and they will be as excited as I am. So they will start inviting other people to. Most people think that everybody will be as excited as them and they will start inviting other people and the business will just explode. Well, some people will be like that, however, you need to know the realistic numbers. So you can have realistic expectations. What does that mean?

What it means that 70% of all the people that you will recruit, will recruit zero people 70%. So seven people out of 10, that you will recruit into network marketing will never recruit a single person and it's okay. It's absolutely fine. Why? Because some people will join your business just because they want to use the products, they never intended to recruit other people you might have imagined that they will be. But they've never intended they just wanted to register into your team to use the product. Another group of people will join your business, and they just want to sell, they just want to sell products to make an extra income .so they want to make a couple of hundred pounds a week or a month by selling the products to their friends, family work colleagues and again, they have no intention of bringing new people into the business.

So they will recruit zero. And then the third group of people who will join your business who intended to recruit people. But once they realize that, it takes a bit of work, that not everybody joins, then they just give up, they ask a couple of people probably they say the wrong thing. People say no to them, and they go No, that's it, I'm not recruiting anymore. That's too out of my comfort zone, right. And they just give up so that 70% of people that  you will bring into your team will never recruit anybody. It's okay. Don't worry about it. It's absolutely fine. Then 20%, which means two out of 10 will recruit one to two people lifetime. Not one to two people week, not one to two people a month, ever.

So if they're going to be in your team for the next 5-10 years, that's it over the next 5-10 years, they will recruit one or two people. That's it, right. And usually they call social recruiter. So it just happens by mistake, right? So they are talking to somebody they telling them what they do. And then that person goes, Well, I want to join your team and that's how they recruit like they don't intend to recruit anybody, it just happens by mistake and that's 20%. So that's two out of 10 that you will bring, they will recruit a couple of people, but not many .Then about 5% of people that you bring into the business will recruit about three to five people lifetime into the business.

So these people are a little bit more active but again as you can see not too active. So they will recruit a couple of people over the lifetime of their career in network marketing, but nothing huge. Nothing great razzle dazzle are five people out of hundred that you will bring in, they will recruit three, five people then next group is 3% and 3% of people that you bring into the business, they will recruit about six to nine people. So three people out of hundred that you bring into the business will recruit six to nine people into the business right over the lifetime of their career in network marketing and final group, the 2%, they will recruit 10 people or more.

And these are the people that we call the super recruiters in network marketing believe it or not, who recruit 10 people or more lifetime and an average person who is a super recruiter will bring in about 27 people over their lifetime of their career in network marketing. Now, some people will go on to recruit 50 and 100 and more. But these are very unique people. It's not that many of them, right? So why do I do this video do I do to depress the heck out of you know, not, the reason why I'm doing this video is because I want to prepare you that not everybody will be as excited about this business as you are.

Now most of you who are watching my videos, you are in the 2%, you are the super recruiters, you probably have already brought into the business more than 10 people, and I appreciate you, I'm your biggest fan, you are awesome. I'm like you, I love the business. And I keep bringing people every single month every single weekend to the business but that's not majority of people. And that's what you really need to understand and prepare yourself for that 70 people out of 100 that you will bring into the business, they will never recruit anybody, they'll just remain as a customer or they'll remain selling.

But they'll never be recruiting. And it's okay. Because it will equal itself out the few super recruiters that you will get, they will outperform everybody else and they will build huge teams and you will rock and roll this business. So what can you do just focus on getting more and more of the super recruiters try and increase the number of super recruiters in your team those people who recruit 10 people or those people who are actively inviting people into the business on a daily or weekly or monthly basis to grow the business and even if you increase the amount of super recruiters in your team by few percent, it can make a massive difference to your business.

They say if in your business, you have less than 2% of super recruiters, which means out of 100 people in your team, if you if less than two are recruiting 10 people or more, your business will be in a decline. If you have 2% of people in your team who are super recruiter, so at least two people out of 100 are recruiting 10 people or more in the business, then your business will be stable if you increase it to 3%. So that means only three people out of hundred become super recruiters in your team, your business will start growing. But if you increase it by one more percent 4% of people so only four out of 100 are super recruiters are people who are recruiting 10 people or more into your business, then your business will get into momentum. So we're not talking like from 2% to 50%, you need to increase no, you only need to increase by few percent to have a massive difference in how your business is going to work.

So don't worry about it, relax about it and just work to find the people to sort right in network marketing. We don't convince people we sort through people. So just become a great sorter just sought quickly for people to find the ones who are hungry and who are coachable which means they want a better life. They have the desire they have the hunger to grow the business, and they are coachable. They're willing to learn. They're willing to listen to the instructions because not everybody is willing to listen. Some people they will not live listen to save their own lives, you know what I mean? So if you can find more people who are like you who are hungry and coachable just by a few percent, you can increase your business and you can get into momentum and have incredible journey in network marketing. And that is my wish for you.

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