The purpose of SOCIAL MEDIA in network marketing

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I want to talk about the purpose of social media in network marketing, because I believe a lot of people miss the point why they need to use social media in network marketing and what's the point of using social media in network marketing.

What do I mean that people miss the point about social media and why to use it and how to use it? Well, first of all, think about how does network marketing business grow? How did you join network marketing? Why did you join network marketing? And again, the chances are, the reason why you joined network marketing was you probably tried the product and you loved the quality of the product and you probably got presented the business by somebody, you know, like and trust, that's most likely how it would happen to you.

So maybe your friend, maybe a work colleague, maybe somebody that you know, introduced you to the business, showed you the presentation or took you to the presentation meeting, maybe you tried some product as well, and you fell in love with the business and you decided to join. Awesome. So that's why in all days, like, you know, when the dinosaurs were walking, they used to build network marketing or face to face. So they would go out and speak to people, or recruit them into the team go out, speak to more people, recruit them into the team, do home meetings, do hotel meetings, where people meet, belly to belly, face to face or over a cup of coffee and that's how they would build the business.

Then came social media and people forgot how network marketing works. So they decided, okay, I can use social media, to replace human contact, to replace communication with real humans, so that I don't need to speak to human beings anymore. I can just do social media, I can just send messages, put Facebook videos, do all sorts of other stuff, spam the groups and everything and I'm going to build a huge team, and I will never have to speak to people. You're missing the point. If that's how you think of social media, that it's there to replace meeting people face to face, that it's there to replace a real human communication, that it's there to replace all of that, then you’re missing the point of social media, and you will struggle to build your business on network marketing.

The purpose of social media is for you to get people to meet you face to face, is for you to get people to a real belly to belly meeting, and is for you to get people to build around relationship with you. So social media is just a source of where to find people. The reason why social media is so powerful that using social media, you can find people in your city, you can find people in your country, or you can find people all over the world, right? So social media has made the world small, whereas before 20 years ago, if you lived in a small village, you would have struggled to build a successful network marketing business, because there are not enough people for you to speak to.

Well, social media made that not a problem anymore, because now you can, even if you live in a small village, you can go on your phone, open your social media, and you can contact hundreds and thousands and millions of people, , which is awesome. But you have to not to forget, what's the purpose. So the purpose of social media is just to connect you with other people in your city, in your country, around the world, but the End Game, is still to build a relationship with that person, the end game is still to meet face to face, if you can with that person and if you can't, if they live too far away, then at least to go on Skype call, on zoom call or the Facebook video call, so that you can see that person and you can have a face to face communication, you can build a relationship because still, for that person to buy products from you, for that person to join your team, they have to know you, trust you and like you, that hasn't changed and it will never change.

A thousand years from now, somebody else is going to be doing a Facebook Live and saying the same thing to you, teaching the same thing to you that you have to build relationship with people, that this is a business of relationships. It's never going to change. It doesn't matter what technology comes in, what other social medias will come in, what sort of virtual reality will come in, it will always boil down to you building relationships with people, to you being known, liked, and trusted by people who will then go and buy your products, who will then go and join your business.

So social media is just a way for you to contact people, is just a way for you to reach out to people, and is just a way for you to expose people to what you do. But the end result is not to replace human communication, is to actually start that communication. So when somebody saw your Facebook Live, when you reached out to somebody on Facebook or Instagram or whatever the purpose is to start that conversation, is to start that communication and then hopefully go from Facebook onto video call, from video call maybe on a phone call from phone call, maybe to meeting face to face where you can give them to try the product, show them the business, build a relationship with that person so they understand you, they know you, they trust you, they like you and do want to be part of your business.

Okay, so that's my message, don't miss the forest because of the trees. You know, don't miss the point of building the business, and don’t miss the fundamentals of building the business. Because some new technology comes in, new technology doesn't replace the fundamentals. It just makes your life slightly easier, slightly more interesting, but there's still a need of that human communication.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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