The POWER of 3-way calls in network marketing

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, November 23, 2018 Under: Personal Development
3-WAY CALLS can be a very powerful tool for you network marketing business growth. The 3 way call is when three people do a call. Usually one person is an expert like a leader in network marketing business, the second person is their team member who is building a team and the third is a potential business partner of the team member. The purpose of the call is to give more confidence to the prospect to join the business, to give more credibility to the team member and to give social proof for the business.

These call can be used for a number of reasons

1. To Invite.
If the team member is fairly new they may need the leaders help to persuade their friends and family to take a look at at the business opportunity video or to attend the local business opportunity meeting.

2. To Close
When it comes to closing a lot of new business partners find it difficult to do it. That is why it's great to do a 3-way call with a more experienced team leader who can help your prospect to make a decision.

3. To Move-Along
If at any time the team builder gets stuck with their prospect, it may be a great idea to do a 3 way call with an upline leader to move them on.

4. To Welcome
When a team member recruits a new person in the team it is a great idea to have a 3-way welcome call with the pline leader to welcome them into the business.

5. To Promote
If there is a training event coming up or a conference and you want to promote it to your team members you might want to jump on a 3-way call with your leader to encourage your team members to come along.

The best part is that now more than ever it is so easy to do 3 way calls. You no longer need to purchase expensive 3 way calling systems. You can now use Zoom or Skype to easily do 3 way VIDEO calls and they are absolutely FREE!

Now if you are the leader here is 6 things you should mention on the 3-Way Call

1. Share your background and your story about why you got started

2. Mention the success you have already achieved

3. Mention other peoples success stories in the company

4. Ask "Do you have any other questions before you are ready to join?"

5. Get the registration started

6. Edify the team member who invited the prospect on the call to empower them and build their influence.

Here is a video where I go into more detail:

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