The number #1 key for LONG TERM success in Network Marketing business

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Today’s topic is number one secret for long term success in network marketing business.  There's many factors in network marketing business that people look at and think that “this is the most important thing” . People look at a product they say, “Oh, you have to have a really good quality unique cutting edge product that's the key to success for the long term business.” Other people say, “No it's about the marketing plan, it's about compensation plan, it’s how much money the company pays, you know the more money the company pays the more incredible the marketing plan is maybe that's the cutting edge.” Other people say maybe it's the support that you get, you know, from the company or from the leaders or the training or whatever. So there’s very many variables in network marketing but there is one variable that is the most important for the long term success and by the way this training was delivered yesterday by Eric Worre himself and it was quite incredible you know it was so real seeing our-- the role models, the people that we've been looking up to for so many years live on the stage you know Eric Worre, Ray and Jessica Higdon, Rob's Sperry, Fraiser Brooks - it's just incredible.

The number one thing that you need to look for and develop and build in your network marketing business if you want the long term success is INFLUENCERS, people who are influencers in your business. So number one if you want success in network marketing yourself first of all, obviously you need to aim to become an influencer. In just a minute I'll explain what it is the influencer, what do you need to be or do to be an influencer but then once you become an influencer; your job is to develop other people within your team into influences. 

Eric Worre said that if you want to be making $1 million a year in network marketing, and there was plenty of people yesterday on the stage delivering training, who make a million, 2 million, 3 million a year, you know, when Eric Worrie said, “Hey, stand up. If you're making a million a year,” there were quite a few people standing up in the audience, you know, so if you'd like to make a million dollars a year in network marketing, then an average is about 25 influences on your team. So you can't drive all of this by yourself. By the time you reach that type of income, your team is 50,000 people, hundred thousand people more maybe, you know, so you can't drive all of that business yourself. It would be insanely difficult, almost impossible. But if you work with a team of influences, of leaders, then it's much easier to manage that huge structure, to manage that huge team and to carry on influencing people.

There are five characteristics of an influencer. So I'm going to go through these five and I want you to think; one, am I an influencer. So when you go through those five, think to yourself, do I tick the box on all five of these. Next is then I want you to think how many people, if you're already in network marketing, how many people on my team are actually influencers, how many people do I have? And then if you know that you need 25 to be making a million dollars a year in network marketing, then you know how many you are short, right?

So characteristic number one, for somebody who's an influencer in network marketing is that that person is INDEPENDENT. What that means is, they don't need you every single day to drive them to do the business. So they're independent, and they want to do the business by themselves, they have the motivation and the drive to do the business by themselves, you don't need to be chasing them every single day, every single week, every single month, in order for them to carry on building their empire, carry on building their business. So number one is independent. So again, ask yourself a question, are you independent, or you still plugged in with the umbilical cord to your sponsor, and you can't do anything without them being there and without them helping you etc.

Number two influences are PROBLEM SOLVERS. There's a lot of people who’ll just come with a problem, “Oh I've got this problem, and I’ve got this problem.” Influences will spend five percent of their time on a problem and 95% of their time on the solution. So ask yourself again, the question, am I a problem solver? Or am I just a problem presenter? You know, are you the person who, whenever you get a challenge, you straight away call somebody or email the head office or do whatever? Or are you a person who gets the problem and thinks first of all, how can I resolve it myself? How can I get rid of this problem myself before I asked for help, etc.

Number three, I think is one of the most important things is being CONSISTENT, influencers are consistent, they're not here today, gone tomorrow. These are the people who stick to it, whatever they do they keep doing it. Influencers will be there for long term, for a long ride. These are not the people who want to get rich quick. These are not the people who if it doesn't work out in the first two weeks, they quit and abandon the business and never do it again. These are the people who spent five years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years building their empire, building a huge business. So again, ask yourself a question am I consistent person, if you start doing Facebook Lives? Are you doing them consistently? If you start calling leads? Are you doing it consistently? If you’re following up with people, are you doing it consistently? If you recruiting people, are you doing it consistently?Are you consistently going to training events? Are you consistently doing personal development and growing yourself  by reading books and listening to programs, watching Facebook Lives.

Number four is CREATING ACTION. Influencers create action! They are action takers, they make things happen. When an influencer comes into the room, the room starts producing more, when the influencer plugs in with their team, the team starts producing more so again, are you the person who is able to drive your team to produce more? Are you a person who is able to influence other people to take action to do something, because that's what influencers do?

The last one, number five is BIG VISION. Influencers have a big vision, they see the big picture, they see the end game, they’re not just here today to make some quick back and then disappear. They're in here for the long ride, they've got a big vision where they want their business to go, they have a big vision how they want to help other people within their team to grow and to develop and reach their dreams, and they have a big plan, they follow, they know the company's vision and they know where their whole industry is going. 

Again, if you want to be successful in network marketing, again, you have to ask yourself a question, do I have a big vision? Do I have a big idea of where I want my life and my business and the future to go. So, these are the five characteristics of influencers, you know, so, you need to think to yourself, first of all, do I have all five of these qualities? Or do I need to work on some of these. And then next, you need to think to yourself, how many people in my team have these qualities and am I willing to develop people within my business to help them to become these influencers, because at the end of the day, this is what is going to influence whether your business is carrying on for years and years or if it's here today, gone tomorrow, because if you’re riding on the other things that I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, if you’re leaning relying on products, are you relying on incentive programs by the company, are you relying on the marketing plan or whatever, it's not going to ensure your business longevity. 

But if you just focus most of your energy on developing influencers within your team, then your business is going to be here five years from now, 10 years from now, 15 years from now, etc. So really important like I said, if you develop around 25 people or find 25 people who take all of those five boxes within your team, you can expect to earn over a million dollars a year in network marketing. So the reward is great for spending your time and putting the effort into developing people to become influencers. 

And all that the person needs to become an influencer in your business is to be hungry, that's all they need. You know, so some people come in your business and you can go straight away the person ticks this box, this box, this box, but a lot of people who will come in your business, they might not be an influencer right away right now, however, you can develop them. That's your role as an influencer, that's your role as a leader to develop people within your team, to become influencers, to become independent, to become problem solvers, to become consistent, to become people who create action and to become people who have big vision. 

So once you become an influencer, your job then is to develop other influencers. Because when you first start a business, you have the momentum, your business is going through the roof, but it's temporary, your business will plateau, sometimes it will dip. So the important thing is to understand that challenging times always follow the growth spurts, the challenging times always follow the momentum. So if you grow your foundation, which is your leaders, which is your influencers, then your business cannot be taken out, your business cannot be destroyed by some challenges with the product or some challenges with the company, or some challenges with the shipping or some challenges with whatever. 

It's important that you grow these influencers within your team. Because that's what's going to give stability to your business, that's what's going to give longevity to your business, you know, and this way, you inoculate yourself first of all, but then also your team, and especially your influencers so that they know that there will be tough times, there will be challenges. But when the challenges happen, it doesn't mean you have to jump the boat and go look for another company. It doesn't mean you have to jump the boat and go and get a job or whatever it doesn’t mean you abandon everything, it means that you expect that to happen. 

Because if you're going to be in this industry for the next five years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, then I can guarantee right you're going to have challenges, I can guarantee there will be problems within your team, I can guarantee there will be issues with product delivery, I can guarantee you pretty much going to come across all the different challenges and problems that you can within the business. So if you prepare yourself to that, right now you might be rocking and rolling your business is on the high, people are joining, product is selling, you’re making more every single month and you just like, “Wow, this is amazing.” And it is amazing and enjoy it. But it's not going to last forever. It will plateau. Sometimes it will dip as well. Well, you have to understand that if you focus your energy on developing your influencers, then that's stability will still be there. Some people might quit, some people might come in new, things might happen, challenges might happen, but your foundation, your solid people, your influencers will be there for the long ride and you know that your business is going to be here 20, 30,40 years from now. And that's what you want, if you want a great financial freedom and great passive income.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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