The Law Of GOYA In Your Business

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

So the law of GOYA is so important.

Very often when you hear people complaining how difficult things are or that their life is not progressing, or they're not getting results they want etcetera, they are not in action. You see the only time you have the time to be sorry for yourself. The only time you can throw yourself a pity party. The only time you can go cry at yourself, is when you’re not in action, is when you’re not doing anything. Because if you’re making call after call, you're doing conference call after conference call, you’re messaging people, you're doing appointments, you're doing coffee meetings, you're doing presentations, guess what, you don't have time to be sorted for yourself.

You don't have time to complain. You don't have time to be depressed, because you are in flicking action all the time. And then you start getting results, then you start making money, then you start making progress. Why? Because you have applied the law of GOYA you Got Off Your Ass and that's when the things start moving for you.

So guys, my wish for you is that you make a decision to get off your ass every single day and do something to move your business forward, do something to move in your project, do something to advance in your life. And all my days, you will be in a very different place a year from now. You know don't look at it a week from now, don't expect for big changes to happen in your life a week or two weeks from now. But if you stay focused a year from now, you could be a completely different person, a year from now you could be in a completely different life. All you have to do is focus and keep doing the action.

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