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I want to talk to you about the Golden Buddha.

So the story goes like there was a village and they had a golden statue of the Buddha in their temple. And they knew that another country is going to be invading and attacking their village and occupying their village and because they didn't want the Golden Buddha to be stolen, they decided to cover the statue of the Buddha with cement, with concrete. So, they went ahead and cover the statue of Buddha with concrete and as they expected the other country has occupied them and many years kept going on the conflicts and the wars and slowly and slowly people forgot that it was the Golden Buddha that was covered with concrete.

Everybody just thought that it was a concrete Buddha, it was just a concrete statues made from cement. And everybody who knew that it was the Golden Buddha died out eventually and everybody forgot that it was golden inside. Until one day a child was playing next to the statue and he threw the ball and the ball chipped the statue and the concrete, the cement fell off and it revealed gold inside and people saw that, they went, “Wow.” And they started knocking off the concrete and revealing this amazing golden statue of Buddha inside of that concrete. So what's the moral of the story?

Well, the moral of the story that like that Golden Buddha, so are you. You have the golden part of you inside, but when you were born, everybody said, “Wow, what a miracle. What an amazing baby. What an amazing child.” And as you start growing up, little bits of cement starts sticking to you. So that's maybe a family member, maybe a friend, maybe a teacher saying, “Ah, you’re not good at that? You won't be successful. You're not smart enough. Just stick to that.

Don't worry about it, don't waste your time on this.” And bit by bit like that Golden Buddha, you start having a shell around you, around your golden soul, you start having the shell of cement, the shell of concrete. And what happens is over time, you start believing that all of those things that people said about you, all of those things that media is portraying, and all of that, that that is really you, and you forget that you have this golden person inside of you, because all of that stuff sticks to you and you just accept that as being part of you. So what's my tip for you?

Well, my tip for you is for you to start finding that golden person inside you. That beautiful, amazing soul. You have greatness inside of you. You were not born to just pay the bills, to just sort of vibe from day to day, just so you know, do the job Monday to Friday, then go to sleep then maybe spend a few hours over the weekend cleaning your home and doing all the chores and things like that and then back to work on Monday. You were not born for that or just that. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, but you were definitely not born just to do that. Just to work just to survive.

That's definitely not your purpose. If you think about why were you put on this planet, whatever you believe, if you believe that God put you on this planet or universe or some higher intelligence or whatever it is, but what was your purpose? What is your purpose? What is your mission? What are you made to do? If it was your funeral today, what would you like people to say about you? How would you like them to remember you? Oh, yeah. He worked hard. He paid the bills on time every month. He worked Monday to Friday, or Monday to Saturday? Is that what you want people to remember about you?

Or would you like to remember people for the thousands of lives that you impacted, for the way you changed other people's lives, for the way that you made other people's lives better, and so on and so on. Where would you like to be? How would you like to be remembered? What is your mission? What is your vision? What is your true calling? What is that Golden Buddha inside of you? Because I promise you, whatever life has stuck on you, it's not the true you. Inside there, there is greatness inside of you. And you need to find that, you need to find that, you need to release it because you deserve it.

You deserve to live the full life, you deserve to live the hundred percent, you deserve to love as much as you can and be loved. You deserve to make as much money as you can, so that you can afford things but you can also impact courses, donate to charities, help other people etcetera. You deserve to travel if that's what you want. You deserve to have the best car you want if you like best cars, you deserve to have the house that you want, etcetera. Not just survive, not just to live that quiet life of desperation. Definitely that's not why you been put on this planet. Definitely that's not why you were made. You will made for much bigger things. So why not go realize that, why not go unleash the real you on to the world. That's my tip for you.

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