The difference between the POOR and the WEALTHY?

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I want to talk to you about the difference between the poor and the wealthy. So how different are they? How are they thinking in a different way? What's the difference between the wealthy and the poor?

The poor usually think about today. So if you think about money, if you think about work, if you think about impact, the poor people mostly are thinking about today, how to get through today, how to put food on the table today, how to do things today, and that's the main concern, the day that they live in, they live in from day to day. Now the middle class, they think in terms of months. So they say that most people in UK, they are about three months away from being homeless.

For most people in UK and probably around the world, if they became jobless today, if they lost their job tomorrow, they could survive for about three or four months before they start really struggling, before they started because a lot of people, they have no savings, they've got, in the in depth up to their eyeballs, they've got these all of these bills coming out, and no other source of income. So if they lost their job, literally it would be a matter of months before they become homeless. So that's the middle class.

Then the rich, so how do the rich think? Well, the rich think in terms of years. So they think in terms of years, so they accumulate assets, they accumulate income, where they're thinking, how many years is this thing going to be paying me? How many years is this thing going to be paying me and things like that? And they focus on projects, on things that are to do with the years and years of building an impact, etcetera. So rich people will often invest in projects that might take a year or two to pay off, but then it pays off very well. So that's the rich. And then number four is the wealthy. Now, wealthy people think in decades. So they create businesses that last 10, 20, 30 years. They get into projects that are not here today, gone tomorrow. They get involved with projects that will last a long time, decades. They will pay them income for decades and decades to come.

But then there is a fifth category of people and fifth category people are elite. And elite people think in terms of generations. So they don't think in terms of months or years, they’re creating sources of income, they’re creating businesses, they’re creating projects that will last for generations. Now, this of course, this information then lends itself very well to network marketing, lends itself very well to home based business. Why? Because if you stop doing a job tomorrow, if you stop going to work tomorrow, your income, your money stops immediately. So God forbid you get ill, or something happens to you that make you unable to work, your income stops immediately. But when you build a network marketing business, when you build a home based business, one you can literally work from home. So even if you're sick or you’re ill, etcetera, very often, you can still work from bed from home.

That's a huge benefit. But more importantly than that, what network marketing does, it creates a source of passive income where you do the job a year ago, two years ago, three years ago, and you get paid for the rest of your life. Like I've been in my company, almost 10 years and the people I introduced 10 years ago, guess what? They’re still shopping every single month for products. They’re still selling the products; they’re still inviting other people. So guess what? Today, I still get paid for the work I did 10 years ago.

Now you try go to work tomorrow and say, “Hey, could I get paid extra for the work I did 10 years ago?” See what your manager says to you? They'll ask you, to maybe get a check-up from the neck up, right. But in home based business and in network marketing, that’s exactly what it does, it creates for you a passive income source, a source of income that will come decades from now. And guess what? Our business in our company, my business is willable. So even though my daughters are now 11 years old and eight years old, one day, they will inherit my business, they will inherit my team, and my income. So the income that I'm receiving every single month, God forbid, if something happens to me, and I, you know, proceed to the next level of my journey, my family would continue receiving that income that I have built up. Now, if you pass away tomorrow, how long would your job pay your family?

The answer probably is they wouldn't like literally, they would send the last pay cheque and that's the end of it, isn't it? My business, the home based business network marketing business, will carry on paying my family and my children long after I'm gone. That's power guys. Can you understand how powerful that is? How secure that is, how reassuring that is. So if you are in network marketing, if you're in the home based business, you belong to the fifth category to the elite, because you are creating income for generations to come. Like for me, that is insanely awesome like for me that is like, oh my God. It's absolutely incredible.

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